Your Google Adsense Account Disabled – You Still Have An Alternative Solution

No doubt that Google AdSense has been the present leader as far as web-based marketing is concerned. But at the same time Googleโ€™s terms and conditions are not really very loose and many web publishers loose their Google AdSense account just because they fail to abide by the strictness.

Alternative To Google Adsense

Nowadays Google is in the process of disabling many of the accounts for some unknown reasons, for which the reason is not known in all the cases. If you are among the lucky few, you can still think of getting back your Google AdSense account. What if you are not among those luckiest few? Donโ€™t give up, you still have a lot of options left alternative to your disabled Google account. There are a number of advertising programs that you can consider for your blog, and believe me they are just a perfect alternative. Some of the popular and genuine alternatives are;

Yahoo YPN: This is the best alternative solution for you if you are based in US.

Adbrite, Text Link Ads: You can use these programs to sell text links on your blog and allows you to add advertisements in your RSS feeds too.

FeedBurner Ads: The FeedBurner Ads are CPM by nature and has proved to be great for a lot of web publishers.

Chitika, Amazon Affiliates: Chitika is the best alternative to your Google AdSense, provided yours is a product blog. Amazon has also been performing well, especially for the blogs where readers tend to buy according to your recommendation.

IntelliTXT, Kontera: These are a bit different from others, as they double underline the keywords and the ads open up in a pop-up window.

However, there are tons of other advertising programs too that include Adify, Tribal Fusion, BlogAds and Pheedo. And all these programs vary depending on your blog traffic.

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