Your Content Copied? Complain to Adsense!

Content copying seems to be legal these days. You don’t know that your content got published on other blogs with in a time span of minute after you published on your blog. Earlier days this is completely illegal and people used to concern more on this. But web has increased enormously with millions of site taking birth daily and authors don’t have time to look after this issue.

According to a private survey 30% of the sites online are with the duplicate content, by copying directly or reordering the context. Apart from this, the hard fact is all these sites are running ad networks like AdSense and earning considerable amount.

What to do if you found a site republishing your content and earning from that? Do you have big heart to leave them in that way or you want to take counter action on them?

If you want to take some action, the first most things you should do is complain to AdSense team regarding this issue. AdSense team receiving many complaints of this kind and they shared the easy ways to communicate with them.

In a situation like this, where you believe that a site containing AdSense code is illegally copying your site’s content, you can let us know by following the process described in our Help Center. It’s our policy to respond to notices of alleged infringement that comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and other applicable intellectual property laws.

The notice should be sent directly from the owner of the copyrighted materials allegedly being infringed (in the example above, that’s you), as they are not accepting complaints from any third-party.

Additionally, if you find a site that is scraping (misappropriating and republishing) your content, you can report it for a potential violation of the Google Webmaster Guidelines. To do this, fill out the form at (you must be logged into your Google Account to access this form).

If someone copies your content, it will directly impact your sites reputation, page rank and many other dependent SEO values on this. As readers don’t know who is the actual author and who is culprit.

So, it’s always better to monitor your own content and take corrective actions to save your hard work. Have you ever faced this situation? Share with us! Happy Blogging!

23 Responses to “Your Content Copied? Complain to Adsense!”

  • desigar says:

    As you said, no one has that time to look at who copied and how to approach.

    But that will effect the page rank and even it may cause to ban from Google.

    Good awareness you made here.

  • Agent 001 says:

    That was certainly helpful. I didn’t had the knowledge that I can complain to Google.

  • Lax says:


    Thats exactly correct will impact so many things on your blog.


    Thats great dude you found it useful!

  • Stestuff says:

    Good to know this yar. Many of the authors don’t care about this duplications but it sucks when google shows the effect.

  • Mahes says:

    Adsense will ask for so many proofs to take an action. Its not that easy as you log a complaint.

    Thou Good info to know as a author.

  • Hi Lax and other friends,

    This is complex process. Complaining is very easy but reaction from Google is very poor. I have made such complaints to Google. But there’s no reply from them yet. I have complained in many of the Google’s services like in Google groups too. But no serious action or reply from them.

  • Lax says:


    Thats 100% correct mate.


    Definitely they will ask for lot a heck of proofs but one should be able to supply them.


    Thats expected dude. They won’t care about the small author as i heard from some groups.

  • stestuff says:

    @ Mahes and Inkapoint,

    You both are correct man. As Lax said they won’t care about the small blog authors and they don’t want to waste time in investigation.

    Asking to remove the copied content in soft way works well than all these headaches.

  • Lax says:

    @ Stestuff,

    Dude, Of course first thing should be communication in soft manner. If it doesn’t work then we need to think about all these things.

  • Nice post, something that really annoys me is when people just copy your content and rank higher than you! Seems a lot of sites in some niches I am in just copy each other, they still rank very well though due to SEO and backlinks.

    Good job on raising a bit of awareness and I like how well thought out this is!

    Keep it up!

  • Lax says:


    Thanks for your comment dude. you’re absolutely right, tech blogs are the most effected in this copying.

  • My readers do ask me often about the risk of having their content stolen by some unscrupulous individuals on internet (especially when doing article marketing).

    I find that when you really are the author of your content, it’s not so difficult to prove it, the real headache comes from bad repercussion like drop in SERP (the worst of course is Google considering the copied content to be the original one…) and others like you mentioned.

    I write everyday, and personally I don’t really have time to spend on doing those checks all the time, however I do recommend “Copyscape” as a good website to help you find those thiefs.

    I always think about reporting people to their hosts, ISP, search engines, but I never thought about notifiying the Google Adsense departement (when applicable)… that’s a good one! Having their account revoked can be a sweet personal satisfaction…

    Anyway, good post it’s my first visit here Lax, thanks for bringing this new idea.

    Nicolas Prudhon

  • Lax says:

    @ Nicolas,

    Copyscape is good one, but we need to pay for that right? Of course they will show first 10 results for free.

    Thats great that you liked this post. Thanks for your first comments here. Keep rocking…

  • Well, unless you do article marketing with your posts (like I do), 10 results are more than enough in my opinion as in fact there should be only your content and no other copies, right?

    I just went to check their site, it seems that their premium service is like $0.05 per search. I didn’t signup so I don’t know the details.

    One prevention tip though is that you can use one of their banners (just the banner no link – for the people focused on their link juice) stating that “Page protected by Copyscape – Do not copy” may help dissuade some adventurers…

    Nicolas Prudhon

  • Lax says:


    Thats great Idea. Definitely useful for our readers. And of course I’ll use that.

    Thank you very much Nicolas for sharing your thoughts on this. Keep rocking here 🙂

  • […] Your Content Copied? Complain to Adsense! Posted on Saturday, March 7th, 2009 in SEO(Search Engine Optimization) – Comments: (15) Content copying seems to be legal these days. You don’t know that your content got published on other blogs with in a time span of minute after you published on your blog. Earlier days this is completely illegal and people used to concern more on this. But web has increased enormously with millions of site taking birth daily and authors don’t have time to look after this issue. If you enjoy the content on this site, please make sure to subscribe to the RSS feed. […]

  • Thanks to share with us. I think it is helpful to me. Be continue.

  • ashfaq says:

    my all posts on are copied by
    allsports-cars also copy content from all those sites which are higher in image search results
    what should i do now?

  • Ruchi says:

    I was not aware above the complain process, i was knowing that we can complain to webhosting company or some DMCA but not this, thanks for sharing it.

  • I don’t think that google adsense team have this support for publishers. Good thing that you share the information.

    Thank you very much…

  • Anish K.S says:

    Once i faced the same, one bloody copied my forum to a account, i have compalinted to and they blocked that site, he again started the same with another name, i again complainted, this continues 5-6 times. atlast have send a request to Block his/her Id and IP. Now no such issues.

  • Een Rockstar says:

    to know copied content just use copyscape. Does adsense team support this kind of complainment?

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