You Can Still Check Your Adsense Earnings Without Logging Into Your Account

Be it your first blog or a one with stable earnings, you tend to check the each $ earning every minute. But logging every time into your adsense account just to check your $’s increasing is not always possible. Here is something outstanding to get you out of this situation. Here’s a great tool that can actually make your job easier, although it requires Firefox browser.

Adsense Notifier 0.9

Adsense Notifier – an amazing tool that check the earnings in your account, thus saving a great time and energy for you.  All you need to do is download this free tool and installation is very easy and simple. Specify the time frame within which it would work and just sit back to watch it work like magic.

Adsense Notifier Settings

However, implementing this tool is not going to increase in your profit level. It is just to display your total earnings through CTR, eCPM and clicks. So with Adsense Notifier, even if you are busy, or simply feeling lazy to login to your account, keeping you updated with your earnings will never stop.

Displaying Of Google AdSense

Download AdSense Notifier

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