What the important do’s and don’ts for SEO?

Today companies relying on online business, need to make sure that their websites are on the top when it comes to search engines. SEO techniques are becoming more famous than ever before as a marketing strategy. If your business depends of a lot of new customers, SEO techniques are the best possibility for your prosperity. Out of my experience, I have gathered some important do’s and don’ts for SEO.

Do’s for SEO:

SEO is all about the content of your website or blog or the article that you wish to submit. It is the most important factor that decides the rating of your website and the position that you get in the result of search engines. Here are a few tips that you should follow to get your website the best ranking.

  1. Key Words: Make a proper usage of Key words related to the subject or content of your website or article. Key words play a vital role in getting your website to the top.
  2. Color of text: Color of your text needs to be in proper contrast with the background. Avoid using the same color as background at any point of your content.
  3. Arrangement: Arrange your key words in a proper way to make a key phrase. This will not only help you make your content look more understanding but will also help the crawlers to index your website properly.
  4. Meta File: Key words used in Meta file need to be same as in your content. This will help you make the content easy to upload and also easy to search.
  5. Unique Titles: Titles of your content need to be unique and not copies from elsewhere. Also an effective title can attract a lot of readers. Try to make use of power words and key words in your titles.
  6. Links: Ensure that all the articles are interlined. Also make sure that at least eight of your key words have hyperlinks. Hyperlinks can be internal, external or can be anchored.
  7. File Name: Make sure that the key words are a part of your file name. Say for example: article.php, abc.jpeg etc
  8. Bullets and Highlighters: Proper usage of bullets, highlighted words, bold letters, and underlined text can be really effective. This will not only help your viewers but will also help the crawlers or spiders locate your content.
  9. Update: Update at least 15 to 20% of your content on regular bases. This will keep your articles fresh and will also stay on top. As over a period of time, there is a high probability of your content loosing on ranking.

10.  Headings:  Keywords should be placed in captions and headings. This will make viewers life more simple and interesting. H1 heading has the most emphasis followed by the bold and so on.

Some important Don’ts for SEO:

  1. Content: Do not copy your content from any other article or website. This will only lead to your article falling out of the index servers.
  2. Key Words: Do not have key words in your content that are not related to your article.
  3. Color of Text: Never have the color of your text the same as the background. This is a malpractice as per the guidelines of SEO and if done so, your article can be placed out of the indexing servers.
  4. Black Hat: Avoid black hat or unethical techniques for SEO.

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