Ways to Streamline Your Webpage Like a Pro

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The sole reason anyone has a website is to draw traffic and retain customers. It doesn’t matter what the subject of your website is or the nature of your business, the reason is the same. A lot of website owners struggle with  web traffic coming to their sites, not realizing there is something they are doing to drive customers away.

Clean-Cut Design

Customers want a quick and easy experience. Having a slow loading site is harmful to your business. Some visitors may consider getting a faster internet provider like HughesNetInternet.net but most would just leave your website and never come back.

First, consider streamlining your webpages. It doesn’t take a computer professional to make small changes that  make a big difference. Design is something that all website owners consider. Most only think of its appearance.  Consider all of your customers. Some are more tech-savvy than others. You may have customers with traditional dial-up or low-speed internet. Make sure that you design it so to load well on all forms of internet connections. Fancy fonts won’t do. Although pleasing to the eye, your page will open slower. It is also a good to keep background images to a minimum. More images create slow loading times.

Clear Navigation

After streamlining the design of your webpages, evaluate the navigational aspect of the site. Your visitors should move around hassle-free. It should not have pop-ups and long loading times. The tabs need to be clear and follow a logical path. There should always be more than one way for customers to find the information they need. Extremely important material has to be placed a click away while others two to three clicks away. Any more than this, you lose your customer in a maze of confusion.

Available Search Feature

If you have a very large website, your customers could be spending a lot of time viewing irrelevant information. You don’t want to confuse customers or have them frustrated viewing your site. It is likely they will go find information elsewhere. For this reason, you should have a search engine. Customers can input the information they’re seeking and pull results bringing them closer to their answer.

Less Technology

Today companies often think the more, the better. This is not true for websites. Animated images and flash look nice but make loading times slow. Also, if your customer doesn’t have the software to play animations, they miss important parts of your site. No one likes feeling left out. The result is, you lose this customer. Having the proper images can attract people to your website. Your images don’t need to be the highest resolution. High resolution pictures don’t show well on webpages. An image with a lower resolution will load faster. You don’t want a customer with a need to sit and look at a blank box for seconds just to see the image you have chosen.

Keeping your webpages streamlined is vital to your website traffic and will affect your business. Before creating a big marketing strategy to drive traffic to your site, take time to optimize it so that it loads quickly, giving customers a hassle-free experience.


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