TZI Blogging Series:What to Do and What not to Do in Blogging

Blogging is an art; this is what I often say to all my readers. Blogging can be mastered only if you blog more and more. There is always one thing that a blogger should keep in mind while writing a blog post and that’s nothing but “Content is King” so, make sure that you write genuine content.


It doesn’t mean that you can copy and paste content from other websites and blogs, often people do that. Instead of just duplicating content you can just take out an idea, read about it, understand it and then express your feelings about it in your own words, this is much better approach of writing an article.

Back links are really crucial for a website or a blog. Make sure that you get good number of backlinks to your blog every day. Commenting on friends blogs or participating in forums would get you good number of backlinks but, there are people who post comments that are not related to the actual article and those comments are counted as spam and will be often deleted by Admin of the blog, so make sure that your comment matches the topic of the blogpost.

Images can bring great look to your blog post. However, it’s not good to have copyrighted images in your blog; there are images that are under creative commons license which can be used in a blog with a proper source link associated with the image. So if you use an image from internet, then always place an associated link to the original source of the image.

Hidden Text is one more serious issue I have to talk about. There are people who just hide their content by matching the content text color to the background of the blog post to attain clicks on their advertisements; this is often done for text based advertising programs like Google AdSense and Yahoo publishers. Please don’t try this, your account will be canceled if are caught.

Last but not the least, don’t ever never ask any of your friends to click on the advertisements in your blog in case you use any advertising programs like AdSense and yahoo publishers or anything else, this is considered as click fraud and I’m afraid your account will be boomed always if you are found doing this.

So these are some of the cheap tricks you should never think while developing a blog. We are open to all the comments and suggestions. Share with us, if you have any? Happy Blogging!!

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