TZI Blogging Series:Understanding Basic Technical Terms Involved In Blogging

Before you actually start learning more about starting a blog, you have to know about certain Basic Technical Terms that are actually involved in developing a blog. You will encounter these words more often as we go further, it’s almost compulsory that you should know at least something about these terms. These words are a bit confusing in the beginning but, you will remember them as the series goes on…So here we go…

1. Blog, Blogging, Blogger:

Let me just assume that you know the meaning of a blog, if not please verify our previous article to know more about a blog. Now   let me just head towards the word Blogging, the process of writing a blog is termed as Blogging and the person who writes a blog is called as a blogger. So in this case I’m a blogger and you want to be a blogger too.

2. Blog Post:

An entity to a blog is called as a blog post. I mean any article that is written by you can be termed as a Blog post which is also sometimes called just post.

3. Blog Archives:

Blog Archives Categories your blog posts posted in certain period of time. This can be categorized in weeks, months and also years.

4. Blog Roll:

Blog Roll is a set of blogs you visit regularly to learn things that you doesn’t know. Most blogs have a Blog Roll in their home page of the blog.

5. Tags or Categories:

These are the special extensions that can be added to a post, which helps the user to identify blog post of unique category.


RSS FEED is otherwise known as Rich site summary, is a XML format of the blog post that is created to distribute an article to wide range of users. People who needs, latest updates from a blog have to subscribe to the xml format of the feed to receive the regular updates to their mail or the feed reader.


RSS Reader is an online application that will fetch you, the articles from the subscribed blogs and websites. Google Reader is a cool online application that can fetch any type of RSS feed to your inbox.

8. Backlinks:

When a blog A is linked to another blog B then it becomes a back link of a blog A. More back links means more popularity to your blog.

9. Page Rank:

This is a rank given to websites and web pages by Google to identify the importance of the page on the Internet.

10. Alexa Rank:

This is also a type of rank given to websites based the amount of traffic the websites got for the past few months.

These are some of the key terms that you should know just before entering the world of blogging. Hope you found it useful. Want to know anything else? Share with us! Happy Blogging!!

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