TZI Blogging Series:Choosing a Better Blogging Platform

In this post let me just elaborate the emphasis of choosing a better blogging platform. Well you might ask me, what is a blogging platform? Yes, I will start talking about it right away before coming to the point. ” A blogging platform is simply nothing but a blogging application under which you are going to work.” There are both paid and free blogging platforms available online and you can choose any one of them before starting your blog.

As I already told you there are two major blogging platforms that most of the bloggers use, one among them is and the other . Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages, I cannot tell you which platform to choose. The choice is all yours, I mean it’s you who have to decide the blogging platform depending up on the long term goals of your blog. Let me just give you a brief introduction for these two blogging platforms.


This is a well known blogging platform, and most of the bloggers use this one as it is totally free of cost. There are absolutely no hidden charges to maintain this blog. However, you can spend some money (just below $10) to get your own domain rather than using a custom BlogSpot domain. Well confused let me explain in detail. If you go for a free service, you will get the blog with a URL “.blogspot” extension. I mean if you name your blog as “xyz” your domain would look like this . If you can spend some money to get a new custom domain, then you would get a domain that looks like this Blogger always allows you to customize your code without any hidden charges and that’s the reason why most people love to use blogger. But let me tell you something, anything that is free is always worth less than anything that’s not free.


WordPress on the other hand does support free blogging services, and you will have you blog with a “.WordPress” extension, so your blog would look like this (Taking the Above Example into consideration). However, they Do not allow you to customize your code, there are some hidden charges to everything you do. Interestingly, most percentage of successful bloggers use a WordPress blog rather than using a free blog as it has lot of advanced features that can help them attract more visitors to their blog than the free version of the blog.

Options are also available to shift your free blogger blog to WordPress once you generate some revenue with your free version of blog. Now that, I explained you everything about these two blogging platforms, it’s time for you to pick up one platform and start blogging right way.

Just forgot to mention one major difference between these 2 major blogging platforms, that is, on blogger you can have some ads like Adsense or etc…to generate the revenue. But WordPress it totally reverse and at the moment they don’t allow you to have ads on your blog.

If you need any suggestions about choosing a platform, then you can just leave your Comment here and we will make sure that we respond to your comment. Hope you found it useful. Happy Blogging!

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