Traffic Generating Ping Websites for Bloggers

Social bookmarking has changed the way of link building to the most of the part in promoting the websites. Today as the usage of social networking sites is getting popularized all over the world and also  most of these sites are free to join  many people are joining these sites and likely  by observing this  many of the business are choosing this sites as there platform to promote their business all over the world and make the customers all over the world by which they can earn the profits as well as brand image simultaneously.

Likely , updating the activities in these sites plays an important role in the part of promoting the business as well as bringing traffic to the website  and is necessary to earn good profits and make new customers which can be done not only by regular updating but also should send links to others in order to make them know about your products updates but sometimes it costs more time in sending this updates but now this is no more a tough task, as now ping Websites came into existence so as to avoid the wastage of time.

Ping websites are great to use which helps you to just ping these websites about your updates and links which you want to share with your friends and by this you need not visit each and every site and post the links separately as you can maintain all the accounts of social networking sites in one website and send the updates to all the site with just one click. Most interesting part is that you can notify up to 50-75 bookmarking sites that you have updated your website or blog at a time. Here are some of the best ping sites which you can make use to notify your updates:


It is one of the best services to notify others that you have updated your blog. This is a product of WordPress that allows bloggers and web site owners to send messages to search engines and various sites, such as Newsgator, My Yahoo, and 25 other sites when your website or blog page is published or updated. This type of sending  message to various bookmarking sites is referred to as  “Ping.”

This is another great service which is used to ping websites about your latest update. This is similar to Ping-o-Matic and is used to notify about 27 sites about your update. The difference here is that posts to your own pages which you have developed on each of the bookmarking sites. So you have to first have an account with each of these social sites.


It is a site which offers English and Non-English social bookmarking sites and you can update about 50 sites at a time. This site helps you building back links for your website. The more the links the more the people can easily find in the search engines.

This is also the best ping service just like Here you will have to create an account and use it to ping all the social sites that you want to update with just one click.

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