Top Facebook Applications for Professionals

Most of the people are using the Facebook platform nowadays due to its great reach and easy to use interface. But it would be wrong to give all the credits to these two reasons only. The other important reason is those Facebook apps that create more opportunities for an individual to explore the power of Facebook.

Now there are thousands of apps present for Facebook. In this post we will discuss only about some of them which can help a Facebook user who needs to be productive while communicating with others.

To Do: This is an app which can help a Facebook addict manage his tasks. All he has to do is, set the task defining its priority, due date, description and status. The tasks can also be shared with others. The app also provides an option to send notification mails in order to remind you of your tasks( in case you are not present in Facebook on the due date). You also have the option to share those events in your Facebook profile.

Email: Most of the times all our business contacts are not present in our Facebook contact list. So if you need to shoot a mail while there in the Facebook do not worry this app will help you out. The emails that your contacts receive appears to be sent from your email address. And the last best part is that is that if the recipient uses the reply web form link to reply your mail the message will be visible from the app itself.

Calender: This app is from the 30boxes and is almost like the To Do app. But this is more enriched. It also has a sms reminder option. Perhaps thee most beautiful calendar in Facebook. You can also share those events in your Facebook profile.

Zoho Online Office: This is the most productive tool that I use on Facebook. Much like the versatile Zoho itself. Create all types of professional documents online. You can also share them with others. Though the original Zoho online Office suite offers more services as well as stability, this app is a bit creepy still now. But once it gets fully integrated I’m sure you will forget any other tool.

Application Developer Services: Finally if you are a coder and is in love with Facebook and looking forward to create some apps yourself but don’t know where to start then this is the last best app that you can expect. This is a directory of projects that you can work on as freelancer app developer or can be a buyer to buy projects from existing developers.

Hope you found it useful. Which application you use? Share with us! Happy Blogging!!

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