Top 5 Sources to Get Paid/Sponsored Reviews for your Blog!

Writing reviews is the most popular and fast way to earn money. Paid reviews hold 50% share of the total income most of the bloggers earning now. Banners and Paid reviews are the main sources to earn these days. Do you know a paid review earns $5 to $1 Million; Yes Dean earns absolutely $1 million with each review.

Just calculate how many clicks you need to get $100 monthly with AdSense or any network. Around >400 clicks? Let’s say you get 4 reviews per month with each earning $25 (least in market) you get $100 with those 4 paid reviews. Sounds good right? But getting 4 per month is not that easy, you need to have good traffic and standard post frequency. Apart from all this, you need to showcase you blog on different sources/media to get best reviews.

Ha today here we go with the sources you should signup to earn more from reviews. Here is the list of top 10 sites you should go with… Most valuable & quality place all over the web. Getting approved by this is very hard, though if you get the approval you can get minimum of $50 per each review. Maximum advertisers there are very popular and big companies which can spend min of $1000 for each review. TechZoomIn is not yet qualified at Review Me. Second most popular source which hosts medium to top quality blogs. A blog with minimum PR 1 can get chance to find the reviews there. You can get minimum of $ 5 to $ 1000 for each review. TechZoomIn earns respectable amount from this source every month. Yet another good source but with one hard condition. Guys won’t allow you to use the excerpt/continue reading option. That’s the reason TechZoomIn is not yet making money from this source. A good blog can earn minimum of $30 per review. Good source which can earn you a respectable amount, but you can’t expect continuous orders from this. It can pay you $5 to $40 per each review. If you have a startup blog and wants to earn, then good source to start with. Best source for medium and below medium blogs with the opportunity to earn $5 to $30 per each review. It allows many categories like blogging, auto, travel, web design, health and many more. Educational blogs seems to be earning good amount from this source.

As I said earlier, don’t expect to get advertisers directly from your contact/advertise page. You need to introduce yourself to the blogging world first. Above source are the awesome places to start with initially.

Hope you found it useful. Which is the best source you think? Share with us! Happy Blogging!!

44 Responses to “Top 5 Sources to Get Paid/Sponsored Reviews for your Blog!”

  • Good one dude. I will try now for my luck

  • Pro-Vamsi says:

    Sounds good but, are you sure about the payment from these sites!!

    May be I can join to make some descent money !!

    Don’t forget to mention your earnings from any of these sites if you did register!!

    • Teen Blogger says:

      All of these sites pay on time, so no worries mate.

    • You can earn a lot but most of these sites are not allowing the ‘read more’ option.That’s why i’m not using them !

    • akira07 says:

      All of site listed on this article is surely paying, but the problem is not that. The main problem is : the reviewing job is available or no?

      Because, if your blog have no high PR, it’s hard to find available review job.

    • All of these site pays, I can attest to that.

      You should create your Paypal account coz that is the way they pay. It’s really great!

      There are other sites I use too like Loudlaunch, Linkworth, Blogtoprofit, SocialSpark, Bloggerwave, Blog4reviews and other advertising site aside from Adsense.

      You can check my blog for more info or message me if you want to know more.

  • Mahesh says:

    Sponsored Reviews pays for sure!

  • himanshu says:

    This is cool info, i heard about paid reviews ,your post clear all my confusion. Thanks for the info. I will try for it, Please specify how much traffic is needed for RevievMe approval.

  • Lax says:

    @ Inkapoint,

    Hope you’ll get good amount of reviews and bucks from reviews.

    @ Vamsi,

    As per my experience and pays for sure monthly twice.

    Coming to revenue, I’m not a fan of sharing revenues. But i get triple digit from sponsoredreviews every month.

    @ Mahesh,

    That’s true dude. Thanks for your comments!

    @ Himanshu,

    I don’t know exactly but you need at least 3k+ i guess. TZI also not yet qualified for that. Better to try

  • MMFOB says:

    Great source of article man. Thanks for sharing this man. And its great that you’re earning 3 figure only from sponsoredreviews.

  • Hi,

    Just a quick hawt tip that most, if not all of these services have affiliate programs that you could take advantage from as you promote them along the way and I also would like to say that Sponsored Reviews dot Com is certainly the best and less strict among them (which makes them so good from my point of view). They also pay very quick!

    You’ve got a great blog here, hope you could visit back and check my blogging tutorial section and maybe we could be online buddies too ? :p

    Kevin Paquet – Student Blogger

  • Lax says:

    @ mmfob,

    Thanks for your comments dude. Hope that you’re also using sponsoredreviews services.

    @ Kevin,

    Yes, using affiliate links is other great way to earn from these site. And sponsoredreviews pays every 15 days…

    Thanks for your first comments here dude.!

  • Agent 001 says:

    I have thought from long time about Paid Reviews. Sometimes I feel like it is not good to do Paid Reviews.

    But I think I should give it a try 1-2 paid reviews a month is not bad. I hope my Readers would understand that.

    Thanks for the list.

  • Agent 001 says:

    Hay Lax, Dean do not earn 1 million. Its just a image he put on his blog. It is his marketing strategy.

    Its like challenging the world that you cannot buy me. I am too good for you.

  • @Agent001 startups and small voices in the blogging world need to do 1 or 2 sponsored posts to get their hosting paid, yes it’s not good to write stuff like that, but one or two should not really harm that much, and there’s a plugin anyway to avoid your RSS subscribers to see the posts.

    Kevin Paquet – Student Blogger

  • Lax says:

    @ Agent,

    Taking 3 or 4 a month is not a bad idea. Subscriber can understand the things well.

    Dean asks that amount for review and he got one order as far as i read on news website saying “Young man earns $1 m for reveiw”. Don’t know much dude 🙂

    @ Kevin,

    What is that plugin to hide the reviews for RSS readers? Pls share the stuff with us!

  • The “Advanced Category Excluder” should get it done. You could create a category like Not In Rss while still not disclosing that it is a sponsored post (better than creating a category which goes Sponsored Posts, isn’t it) and then configure the plugin to have that specific category and all post under it not shown in the RSS feed.

  • @Kevin

    That’s what i too follow.. Lax should do it definitely..

  • Lax says:

    @ Kevin,

    Thanks a lot for the information dude. I just downloaded it and planning to use it.

    Thanks again mate!

    @ Inkapoint,

    I’m starting use the plugin dude. Good that you guys are helping me 🙂

  • MMFOB says:

    @ Kevin,

    Great tip that is kevin. Thanks to lax, Kevin & Inkpoint for all this discussion.

    Great people i found here 🙂

  • TJG says:

    Useful article Lax.

    I know & used only about buyblogreviews till now. That is the place where i get low cost reviews.

    I can’t find good reviews being in a educational niche.

  • Houseblogger says:


    Great post of sharing the $ making stuff. Worth to follow you, just subscribed to your feeds.

    Be rock ! Thanks.

  • Lax says:

    @ TJG,

    Yes, buyblogreviews best suites for small bloggers, who expects $10 to $15 per review.

    @ Houseblogger,

    Thanks for the comments dude. Keep rocking back here….

  • CH says:

    My blog down to pr 0 when I join these program.Any idea how can i get my pr back.


  • Lax says:

    @ CH,

    Its wrong that your PR gone down because of joining these networks. My be some technical problem at Google’s end.

    You can always apply for reconsideration. Do it and check your luck. Thanks for your first comments here!

  • Sandeep says:


    Good Stuff! This is really helpful for new bloggers like me, who want to earn some money at the early stages of blogging

    Keep up the good work


  • has stopped users accepting and making bids below $5. Until recently you could offer bids as low as $1.25.

    This was excellent as it gave new bloggers the chance, while they improve the blogs, while advertisers don’t mind paying smaller amounts to amatures, and low ranking sites. Advertisers cannot afford to bid on the less popular bloggers .i.e PR0 to PR2. have said this has been to benefit all users, and it is not worth the time it takes to research each site. Does anyone no of a review site that accepts very low and high bids?

  • Lax says:

    @ Sandeep,

    That’s real small bloggers can also earn some bucks now..

    @ Advertiser,

    Good stuff you shared dude. I don’t think SR stopped accepting new blogs. They may be filtering with PR blogs.

  • I am now a 6 month old blogger and I am interact with many SEO gurus. According to them, if Google catch you then you will lose your PR as well as traffic from Google. So everyone should beware from that. I see many blogger writing on this but they never tried it. A blogger should be honest when giving out resource.

  • bingkee says:

    I have an account for all of these, yet only Blogsvertise and PayPerPost has a constant stream of advertisers and opportunities for bloggers. The others–“nada”–especially ReviewMe, –since I registered there 10 months ago, not even one opportunity /task is available for me. About BuyBlogReviews, about 3% chance of your bids will be approved.

  • bingkee says:

    Oh I forgot, Sponsored Reviews, it’s the same thing about BuyBlogReviews, about 3% chance of your bids are going to be approved which means—it’s hard to get a task there.

  • I knew that I could earn money from site or product review but making reviews with unbiased judgment is hard to do…

    I want to learn how to review a product or site but I think I should need more information how to do it.

  • I’m against sponsored post.We may earn from advertisements but creating sponsored post is just a kind of cheating to our job.It’s a bad habit like bribing…..etc

    • Teen Blogger says:

      I kind of understand what your trying to say, but if you can earn a good amount of money, then why not use it? I’m also not sure to use it, but will see after my blog gets accepted.

      By the way does using these sites get you penelized by Google or is it only from Pay Per Post.

      Great Post.

      • It’s not really cheating its giving exposure to a certain product. Also there is this disclosure needed especially now with the FTC rule. One should try to research about the product first before doing a post or ask around if they have not tried it.

        It’s a bloggers responsibility to be true to whatever they have on their blogs especially if they have good readers.

  • I already have all the account now. The next thing I should do is how to create a good review…

    I think it takes weeks of practice how to construct a good balance of reviewing a product…

    • akira07 says:

      I’m sure what advertisement want is only exposure of their link, no matter how good you’re reviewing the product. And what’s needed here is just high PR blog, if your PR is high, no matter how bad your review, their will pay for high rate.

  • akira07 says:

    Because the new law from FTC, i’m sure the advertiser is thinking 2 times when their want to advertise on the review company. And for reviewer, it’s mean “decreasement of earning”

    PTR will be no longer prospectful business?

  • I have an account with all the 5 paid to blog sites you mentioned, the best is Blogvertise as the offer is not lower than $7.50. PPP has a lot of advertisers but sometimes the offer is not good to accept imagine .50 cents for 300 words. Review me is also good as offer is not lower than $10.

    While the BuyBlogReviews and SponsoredReviews I only got to write at least 10 post for each of them.

  • Een Rockstar says:

    Good..I’m making around 300$ from review. only from payperpost,sponsoredreviews and buyblogreviews

  • ,..] is one relavant source on this topic,..]

  • george says:

    would any of these services work with a forum website (i.e. not a blog)?

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