Top 10 WordPress Plugins for SEO

Today WordPress has become one of the most and successful blogging platforms which use the plugins to help the bloogers in reducing their work load. The bloggers on WordPress  today have an easy access to SEO plugins that can streamline the search engine optimization process.

Here are the Top 10 wordpress plugins for SEO that will make your SEO work simple.

Top WordPress Plugins

All-in-One SEO Pack

This is the first and the most important plugin for the wordpress bloggers. This plugin take control of your Meta descriptions and page titles. Here you can also tag posts with categories. All-in-One SEO Pack is one of the most popular SEO-related plugins because of the essential functions it allows you to perform.

Google Sitemap Generator

You must be knowing about sitemaps. Google and other search engines use XML sitemaps to find and index all the pages of websites and blogs. As your WordPress blog does not create an XML sitemap automatically without using any plugins, this plugin is of great advantage for you.. With this plugin all the process is automated. Additionally, it automatically updates the XML file whenever you publish a new post.

Ultimate Tag Warrior

This is another popular plugin that is useful for you to add tags to each of your posts, which are recognized by the search engines like Technorati.

Another extremely popular plugin, Ultimate Tag Warrior helps you to add tags, which are recognized by search engines like Technorati, to each of your posts. UTW provides you with a few different options for entering tags, including simply typing your tags when you are entering the post.

Related Entries

Deep links or the internal linking is very much valuable for SEO and it can also help your readers to find additional content that may interest them which makes increase in your page views. Using this plugin your posts will automatically gets included as the links to related posts (in a list, at the bottom of the post).

Top WordPress Plugins


Antisocial is more SEO-friendly version of the very popular Sociable plugin. It adds no-follow tags to the links created by the plugin to social media sites.

WP Backlinks

This is a great plugin for you if you want to increase your search engine rankings through exchanging links with other bloggers. WP Backlinks helps you to collect and manage reciprocal links with other blogs. By using this plugin other bloggers can fill out a form on your blog, add a link to you, and you will then be notified so you can add a reciprocal link.

WordPress SEO Master

This is another great plugin for you that help manages the whole SEO task for you. Like some of the other important SEO plugins listed, it will let you add and customize Meta tags, but it will also let you tell WordPress to add nofollow tags to different types of links.

SEO Friendly Images

Naming the images also plays the significant role in SEO.  Friendly Images is a WordPress optimization plugin which automatically updates all images with proper ALT and TITLE attributes. SEO friendly images add them according to the settings you do.

Automatic SEO Links

This is a plugin which is important to you when you forget to manually link some of your specific keywords or text in your post. Automatic SEO Links you can choose a word and a URL and this plugin will replace all the matches in your blog post.

Simple SEO for paged comment

Typically, WordPress generates duplicate content with the paged comments. This SEO plugin has been designed to fix this in two steps. It replaces content by an excerpt with a link on paged comments and sets a unique title for each page of comments.

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