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Agencies and publishers definitely need the service of a link building company, in order to get better ranks while still focusing on the significant matters that their business imply. Well, if you too are looking for something like this, then you should definitely use Why? First of all because it is an outsourced SEO link building, that is backed by 8000+ campaigns. Besides that, they have US College-level copywriting, if you will choose the Hoth Plus+ package; US based professional support and a 100% money back guarantee. Anyway, all these will be developed in the lines that are to come, so if you are interested in finding out more then you should totally check out these paragraphs.


As far as you are concerned, your share is not difficult to undergo. You are asked to submit your keywords and URLS and to pay for your order, while they will check it out and place it in a queue. Then you will get a guarantee delivery date and if your Authority Module Report is not sent to you by 11:59:59 on the promised date, you should contact them, in order to get a full refund. In short this is how, the 100% money back guarantee works. As you can see, it is meant to assure you that you will get the reports on time.

At the same time, the hoth warns people that the rank is not guaranteed, simply because they don’t know if the keyword is competitive and because they cannot predict competition. At the same time, there is the unique treatment of phrases by Google, they do not affect your on-site optimization and also, they do not control the Google serps. As you can see, this is a completely reliable service because they tell you the truth right from the beginning and they are not focused on scamming their clients.


When it comes to money, prices vary between $60 and $350, depending on the packages you will decide to go for. Bulk buyers (those who will spend $1000+ on any month on the hoth)get certain advantages, such as: 12.5% on all orders, priority queue placement and a dedicated service rep from Monday to Friday. So, choose the right package, depending on your business.

Resellers and affiliates will be extremely interested in the hoth. Resellers will have the advantage of selling further on their services as soon as possible, because there are no reseller agreements and no tags, logos or phone numbers on their reports. At the same time the 100% money back guarantee will secure them that they will get what they asked for in time. And, as far as the affiliates are concerned, they will be paid 25% commission on all the purchases that a referred customer will make in the first sixty days.

As you can see this is a safe service that will save your time while doing this nasty and sometimes boring activity for you. You will get to take care of all the other issues that your business implies, while the hoth will get busy building links back to your website.

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