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Software development has a tremendous boom as the technologies continue to improve in recent years. In every industry from communication to banking, huge advancements in technologies have been happening in recent years. This led to tremendous number of projects for software industry from different industries.

There is much software that has been developed to provide support for projects from all Industries. Among all of these project management software’s that have been developed in recent years, TeamWork has been one of the powerful project management software that has received tremendous recognition.

About Teamwork


Teamwork has been serving as one of the top project management software in web that his wide range of functionalities for project managers and senior management.

There are many features that are provided by teamwork. Given below is brief description of features provided by Teamwork.

Manage Time lines

Teamwork helps to provided information about the projects and detailed information about the project deadlines.

Easy Task Management


You can easily track the tasks that have been assigned to individual members in your project and get information periodically about the work done. You can have different features to assign tasks. You can re-assign tasks, remove existing tasks to a user or you can also make some tasks private and confidential.

File Management:

Another important feature that is required by project management software is file management. It is easy to manage your project files with the help of Teamwork. You can have some features like categorizing files, identifying the space left in the folders and re-organize your files accordingly.

Track your project Milestones

You can track your project milestones and keep updated about the coming milestones in your project. This helps in better project management of your projects and good response from your clients.

Manage Time Tracking:

Online Project Management software

Another important feature that is needed for any project management software is time tracking of project. Teamwork helps you to get information about time spent by your team members in the project and efficiently manage time for your projects.

Easily Colloborate your projects:

One of the biggest advantages of Teamwork is the ease with which it can be easily collaborated with your existing project. It is very easy to enter and get your project information from Teamwork. Other project management software is difficult to be dealt with.

Ease with which Teamwork can be used made it one of the simple project management software to work on.

There are wide range of plans that are available with teamwork. You can get started with their free plan and get a feel of their features and developments. Read some cool testimonials from their twitter page

Overall Teamwork is one of the powerful project management software’s in web. Start using teamwork for your projects.

One Response to “TeamworkPM – Simple Project Management Software”

  • Joe says:

    My team uses Latitude as our project management software. We prefer this tool because we only need something that is installed in our PC/laptop so it will run faster. This also has more functionality over web-based.

    Will plan to use Teamwork PM if we soon need a web-based tool.

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