Skype vs Google Talk | Which is better?

As chatting online in real time becomes more and more popular, two of the most commonly used applications are Skype and Google Talk. Which one is better? Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Skype has generally aimed itself towards professionals, whereas Google Talk has targeted the average person through their use of Gmail.


Skype has been around for nearly ten years – first becoming available in August 2003. Skype is currently owned by EBay. Skype is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS users. Some of Skype’s major features include:

  • Group chat capabilities;
  • Saving of your chat history;
  • Integration with your address book;
  • Conference calling for anywhere from 2-5 people for free;
  • Ability to have someone call you from their phone and get you on Skype;
  • Sending files;
  • Calling to landlines; and
  • Offline messaging.

The biggest difference between Skype and Google Talk (discussed below) is the ability to make actual computer phone calls with Skype. Because Skype originated as a platform for making computer phone calls, it has a better system for this function than Google Talk.


Google Talk

Google Talk is a little newer than Skype, first becoming available in August 2005 through Gmail. Unlike Skype, where you have to actually install a program, Google Talk works through the user’s Gmail window (although there is now an application available for Windows systems that allows you to use Google Talk outside the Gmail system). Some of Google Talk’s major features include:

  • Group chat capabilities;
  • Saving of your chat history (but only if enabled in Gmail);
  • Displays whether contacts are online (in a more dependable form that Skype);
  • Integration with your address book;
  • Sending files;
  • Offline messaging (if the history option is enabled); and
  • Requires less bandwidth to run than Skype.

Google Talk’s system does a better job of noting who is online and who is offline. Skype users have complained that sometimes they do not receive instant messages until days later, and have noted that the indicators of who is online are not always accurate. These problems have not been reported with Google Talk.


Who Has Better Video Chatting?

Skype works by taking its calls over a phone network, unlike Google Talk. Skype also has its video chatting features installed automatically within the application. In order to do video chat through Google Talk, the user has to install a video and voice plug in application. Overall, Skype works best for video chatting.

Which Program Is More Accessible?

Skype’s installation and download is fairly easy, but the fact that it has to be installed as a separate program sets it behind Google Talk. Because Google Talk can be accessed through Gmail via any internet browser, it is easier to get into Google Talk through any system. This is especially true if you have to switch computers often and do not want to have to deal with downloading the program on multiple systems.

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One Response to “Skype vs Google Talk | Which is better?”

  • Ajay says:

    I’ve used Skype exclusively for video conversations with other users, while Google Talk is mainly chat with occasional videos. I’ve found that on slower connections, Google Talk performs a lot better since the video adapts properly.

    BTW, you have a small error in the post. Skype is owned by Microsoft not EBay

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