Simple Firefox Plugin to Get Back all Your Unverified Subscribers into Feedburner Count..!

Open your Feedburner account and check for unverified subscribers, you will find at least 20 plus people who tried to subscribe to your blog, but forgot to click on the verification link. The only way to get them back is, to contact them by email, and remind them to click on the verification link in their inbox right?

Ok that’s fine to contact and remind them. But how to find and collect those unverified mail ids in the list? You can do that manually if you have few subscribers. But if you have a big number, then, it’s difficult to find them manually.

So here is a simple Firefox plugin developed by Powerdosh, which can do that for you. It will simply export all those unverified mail ids to a notepad with commas or without commas separated. The plugin was actually an add-on to popular GreaseMonkey plugin.

So I’ve written a tool that will generate you a copy and paste list of email subscribers that have not completed the verification process on Feedburner. You can then email those users (without revealing their email addresses to others, so use BCC) and explain to them how they can complete the subscription process. Basically it should increase the number of your readers.

How to use Feedburner Unverified Email Subscriber Tool:

Using this plugin is as simple as logging into Feedburner account. Just install and get the list of unverified subscribers list and send them an informative mail to get back them.

Installation & Usage:

1) First install GreaseMonkey in Firefox and restart it


2) Install Feedburner Unverified Email Subscriber Tool and restart it again


3) Login to your Feedburner account

4) Go to Publicize -> Email Subscriptions -> Subscription Management


5) Click on Show unverified subscriber list

6) You will see list of unverified mail ids in 2 formats (With commas & Without commas)

7) Copy and paste them in your BCC list and mail them

Hope you found it useful. How many unverified you have? Share with us! Happy Blogging!!

Thanks to Powerdosh for this great plugin..!

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