Simple Adsense Tips to Increase CTR on Your Blog

If you are a new blogger or an established one, there’s no doubt about it that you want to earn money with Google Adsense. One of the most important tricks to increase your adsense earning is to increase the click through ratio or CTR of your blog. Here are some of the effective ways to increase the CTR on your blog.

#1 Your AdSense ads should be so integrated into your blog or website that it does not look like an ad at first glance. Try and avoid using a banner, as their response rate is very low.

#2 There is a tendency to react more on text ads as compared to image ads. So, use as much of text ads as possible in all the pages, which is in many cases mistaken as a part of online content and so is the higher click through rate.

#3 Make your ads blend with the background of your blog or website. Using ads without borders is a trick to attract more visitors.

Blending Of Ads

#4 One of the most important factors is the placement of the ads, Try placing the ads just right below the title of the blog post or website page. There are higher chances to click on it, as the ads will look much closer to the content.

Proper Placing Of Ad

#5 No matter how much your blog or website is occupied with the latest technologies or news. This is not all to make a blog popular, as you must implement unique and legal ways to bring in traffic. For this try using Google Adwords, Yahoo and Search Engine Optimization.

Repitition Of Content

#6 Last, yet equally important is that the content of your blog posts or website must be unique. You also need to feed your blog or website with fresh and new relevant content to gain returning visitors.

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