SEO Smart Links Premium Version Released With More Features

Self Hosted wordpress is one of the powerful blog hosting platforms in web today. Almost 75% of bloggers use WordPress for their blogging due to the powerful wordpress themes and plugins which are available in Web.

One of the best wordpress plugins that has been helping bloggers from years to share their posts and categories is SEO Smart Links WordPress Plugins.

Seo Smart Links has released its premium version which now has powerful and enhanced content parsing algorithm which helps larger websites and more powerful features. With this premium version available now, SEO SMART LINKS is now one among the most powerful wordpress plugins in web.

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About SEO SMART LINKS Premium Version

Almost all the professional bloggers from different parts of the world use Seo Smart Links WordPress Plugins for better navigation and linking articles, categories and posts. Previously, most of the professional bloggers only used to use this Seo Smart Links plugin to configure their affiliate marketing links, configure posts and link deeper in their sites.

Now with the premium version readily available, some of the advantages for picking the premium version are given below:

Benefits of SEO Smart Links Premium Version

1. Better navigation – Adding tags and categories helps in better navigation. With the premium version, there is an enhanced content parsing algorithm which helps in faster navigation. This premium version now also helps larger sites to use this functionality.

2. SEO – This Plugin is one of the best WordPress SEO Plugin as it helps to automatically interlinks your pages. With the premium version, you have the option to control the automatic interlinking options, advanced control over number of created links which can help you in SEO.

3. Affiliate marketing – Seo Smart Links is one of the best plugins to automate your affiliate marketing links. You can even create a no follow white list for your links. With the premium version, you can even use the plugin to create affiliate marketing links with advanced options like link cloaking, advanced custom keywords option etc.

Features and Price Comparision:

Compare the features and price below

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3 Responses to “SEO Smart Links Premium Version Released With More Features”

  • FinallyFast says:

    I’ve actually just started using SEO Smart Links on my personal wordpress blog and I’ve been really happy with it. Super helpful with Tags and Categories. I’ll definitely look into the premium version now.

    I’m actually glad I found out about the premium version through TechZoomIn as well! Can’t beat the 10% discount code. Thanks Sriram!

  • For your information..
    Seo Smart Links has been released in premium version…is this free of cast or we have to buy..
    i am looking forward to your reply..

  • Looks very useful. I have informed my managers about this latest release and the discount code too. Incredibly useful tool for all webmasters. Thanks. Hope to get the approval soon for purchasing.

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