Say Happy Birthday To Your Mouse!

It’s not your Mickey mouse or other mouse,Its your computer mouse.See once at your mouse its waiting for your greetings.So,before we go into the story first ‘Happy Happy Birthday Mouse’.

Ha Mouse celebrating 40th birthday today.Do you know how the mouse looks 40 years back.Its a simple wooden block with 2 wheels,one being used to move the cursor horizontally and other used to vertical movements.Here is the picture for you:


Mouse Initially, arrived as a simple wooden block with wheels and a protruding chord, the very first mouse was unveiled on December 09 of 1968, when Dr. Douglas Engelbart showcased the new technology during a forward-looking demonstration of interactive computing at the Fall Joint Computer Conference in San Francisco, California.

Here is a video of the demo given in 1968 at California:


During that momentous demo, Dr. Engelbart of Stanford Research International’s Augmentation Research Center used a rudimentary wooden concept design to show attendees how the technology could be used to manually direct an on-screen cursor.

The term “mouse” was subsequently coined by Dr. Engelbart and his team after they decided the chord emanating from the device’s rear looked much like a tail.

This is the basic info about the mouse invention.Still if you want more i would suggest you to find videos on Youtube. I use mouse for all my needs.Are you a keyboard expert or uses mouse? Share with us! Happy Blogging.

6 Responses to “Say Happy Birthday To Your Mouse!”

  • Karteek says:

    Can’t imagine without mouse.I don’t know or don’t use much of keyboard and even i don’t know shortcuts 🙂
    Happy Birthday Mouses 🙂

  • venkat says:

    Is that the first mouse that was invented ,thank god I have got my optical mouse that looks terrible how can we hold that wooden mouse ,the way technology has improved we have got wireless mice now .Thanks for letting me know about this.

  • Evelyn says:

    I use mouse very occasionally.because i know all the key shorts and will use them in most of the cases.

    But mouse has got its own tasks.which can’t be done without that.

    Happy B’day my mouse!

  • Lax says:

    Am also not that good at using keyboard 🙂
    can’t imagine with our mouse!


    Technology going like anything we have got wireless mouse,keyboard and everything. dont know what would be next 🙂


    Seems to be expert at keyboard 🙂

  • JWRmedia says:

    WOW! 40 years! I would never have guessed that they’ve been around that long.

  • nitinsingh says:

    mouse has got its own tasks.which can’t be done without that.

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