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So you have developed a blog that is rich in content,interactivity,and chock-full of information.But no one is coming to your blog.The web has some 400 million sites.And all these blog people are pushing their content hard to make their blog popular.But what do you have to do to attract visitors? Do you have to heavily promote your site?

Yes you need to push your blog too into compition on web.From search engines to ad banners to e-mails,cleverly used services can drive customers to any site no matter how large or small it is.

The most popular service used is the search engine,such as Google,where a visitor can search a term and bring up a list of sites that meet the criteria.Web directories such as Yahoo! are similar in concept to search engines.

E-mail is often a more focused method of distributing information.Feedburner,Feedblitz will work on the same concept.The clever use of e-mail can often yield higher traffic click-thrus to your blog.Along with e-mail, an equally rich method for driving visitors to a site is the use of ad banners.Thoughtfully designed banners that work in conjunction with banner exchanges-large groups of users who share ad space with each other can provide a cost effective and statistically accurate vehicle to bring traffic to your blog.

A quote i saw addressing this concept of promoting sites is “The man who shouts from the top of the tree gets heard”. 🙂

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11 Responses to “Promoting Your Blog”

  • mafi says:

    What is this feedblitz? never heard of it…

    But anyway it’s good article yar.there are many ways still to promote your starting a blog to cover all these things and will let all you guys to know soon..

    Mafi mafi.

  • ramu says:

    hmmm every one stating a’s my turn will start it soon and beat you all guys…

    feedblitz is a mail delivery service competitor to feedburner that’s it..

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  • I also do promoting in forums which some blogger make their site on the top of search engines of a specific niches.

    Frankly speaking, I usually don’t believe this before until I heard an interview from one of the students of Yaro Starak of BlogMasterMind, I encourage myself to try this method and now I receive a good result.

  • Ruchi says:

    I also promote using forums and social media stuff, even viral marketing is also good when used effectively.

  • Een Rockstar says:

    Believe or not I never promote my blog seriously..But I manage to survive…

    • Anish K.S says:

      i have read your comment on the post ” submit to search engine that “, ” Thanks for the list..I submitted my blog already..It increase list of SE that I used to submit my blog “, Here saying ” I never promote it ” Hehe 🙂

  • Anish K.S says:

    Promoting blog is not a Sin, use social networking sites to promote it free of cost.

  • Learn SEO says:

    I still believe in blog commenting and hoping got rank well by search engine

  • You can also promote your blog in other blogs like the one that I have on my page.

    I set a blog post where I am inviting my readers and other bloggers to promote themselves as well as their blogs also…

    I found this great strategy to connect with other bloggers.

    Hey, LAX. If you don’t mind, I will paste my link here. Is it okay for you?

    If you don’t want to link, just delete it. But I think, it is a good way to get connected by others too.

    I found this strategy from Tyrun

    – Felix Albutra

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