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Simplicity and ease of use is the key feature that is drawing professional designers in from across the world to the online website design platform, Webydo. The service promises and delivers the ability to create pixel perfect websites without writing a single line of code. The experience of designers backs up this claim.

Thailand-based baby goods e-tailer i-Angel said, “We never thought we could finish a website without any coding, but we have two websites running on Webydo now. My experience has been amazing.”

The genius of Webydo is that the promise of code-free website design is not an idle boast. Delivering this enables professional designers to free themselves from the burden of fiddling around with the backend of website design and focus entirely on the task of creating websites that are visually stunning and which answer the needs of the business.


The website design interface of Webydo is simplicity exemplified. Designers will be immediately familiar with the interface, indeed i-Angel commented: “The function for designing the website is very much self-explanatory and I really loved it.”

It added that their favorite feature is the ease with which links can be added. “Adding links to things is the most important thing on my website and with Webydo it is so straight forward,” they said.


While Webydo draws on the well established interface ideas that all designers are familiar with, but the platform brings a whole new level of simplicity to the experience.

Instead of multiple layers of complexity, the design experience has been distilled to its core essence and amazingly intuitive approach has not compromised the ability of designers to use the platform to create a website with visually unique characteristics.

They explained that when they built the site they got their inspiration from what they sees other people doing. “In the end in the design we always keep things simple and functional.”

“As for the website, which showcases baby products, the concerns of parents is key. We have to give them the basic information as well as key design details, allowing them to easily understand the product”.

Apart from ensuring that design is put at the forefront of the service Webydo also has built a number of innovations into the service that make life easier for designers.

Key to this is the “Participate” page. This allows designers to request new features, for the community to vote for which features they would like to see implemented first and for the Webydo team to provide feedback as to which improvements are in the pipeline and when they are likely to be implemented.

At the same time one of the other headaches that confronts those professional building websites and that is the issue of hosting. Because Webydo is a hosted service all the sites built with the service are centrally hosted and through Webydo’s agreement with content delivery network, Akamai the performance of any site will be the same irrespective of where in the world the user is.

Part of the attractiveness of Webydo lies in the way the service packages its offering. There are two pricing levels, free and premium. The differences between the two offerings is the ability of those that subscribe to the premium service to add custom domains to their sites, enjoy unlimited page creation, more storage space, and a more benefits. This allows designers to use the platform to their heart’s content and get their product just right before they need to get the client to subscribe.

Once the client needs to be billed it is possible for the designer to bill the client straight from the Webydo interface, cutting out the need for additional invoices.

For professional designers, either those running their own business or working in house for a company, the attraction of a fuss-free design experience can provide the freedom to focus on the business rather than the nuts and bolts of running a site and that is good for the bottom line.

This article is proudly presented and sponsored by Webydo’s community of dedicated designers.

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