How to View Hidden Friend List of a Facebook User

Facebook is, without a doubt, the investment of the millennium. Hitting over $5 Billion at the market and with more than 1 billion accounts (as of March 2013), the online platform directed by Mark Zuckerberg has managed to attract so many followers in less than a decade of existence. Although at first it was considered as an internal platform to connect all students from universities, it extended to what is now a global phenomenon.

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Olx – India’s Best Online Classifieds Hub is a website that contains free classifieds in India. The company was founded in March 2006 and it is used in over 105 countries, in 40 languages. Besides this web page will totally help you sell, buy, trade or meet people near you much faster, thanks to the services it provides.

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Cloud storage means storing your work on servers which you can access later with an Internet connection. This takes a departure from the traditional data storage methods like DVDs and hard disks.

Many companies are shifting to cloud storage day by day and quite rightfully so. The advantages of cloud storage are plenty. As everything is stored online the storage doesn’t occupy any valuable space; all your files can be accessed from any device having an Internet connection; and instead of getting into the hassle of sending huge files as e-mail attachments, especially when e-mail service providers don’t allow large File transfers, you can just send the link to the uploaded file via e-mail and the recipient can then download the file from that link.

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Build Your Own Website with uCoz Site Builder

Many people who Do need a web presence often postpone website creation, because they feel that they lack experience, time, money or special training to implement their concepts. But today impossible is nothing, given the amount of affordable web design Tools available on the web. One of these is uCoz – a popular website builder with a long history in this niche.

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30 Best jQuery Plugins for Designers

The jQuery Plugins are required for designing attractive websites with easily navigable interface, creative graphics, animations and other elements. The jQuery plugin community is one of the most active communities and the designers are going to come across hundreds of useful jQuery plugins on the web. With these plugins it is possible to integrate various functions in the webpage quickly and efficiently. Most of these plugins are available at free of cost and the designers can simply download and use them in their project.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 – Best in Galaxy Range

Samsung has gradually been increasing its market share within the smartphone sector, which can be attributed to the success of the Galaxy range. This month marks the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4, its newest handset.


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Top 10 Inspiring Joomla Music Themes

Nowadays, Most of the people like Joomla templates and themes for Joomla-based websites or blogs, as they have powerful designing and good Quality codes. Most of the theme providers day-by-day launch new themes with advanced features on the web, because these themes are liked by Joomla-based website owners on reaching the current market. Joomla is one of the democratic and effective CMS on the web , which forces you to create Web sites or blogs and a powerful online application.

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Creating an email Campaign that Actually Makes Money

new-fangled marketing Tools can make email marketing seem a bit old-hat, but underneath the increasingly ubiquitous nature of our relationship with email lies a treasure trove of marketing opportunities. But with priority inboxes and spam filters creating ever-higher barriers to effective communication, how can the modern marketer properly utilize email?

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Skype vs Google Talk | Which is better?

As chatting online in real time becomes more and more popular, two of the most commonly used applications are Skype and Google Talk. Which one is better? Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. Skype has generally aimed itself towards professionals, whereas Google Talk has targeted the average person through their use of Gmail.

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Monitive – New Generation Website Monitoring Service

When starting a new business, it would be ideal if you had the time to focus on and to make sure that the most important aspects are thoroughly taken care of. Well, as far as your online services are concerned there is something that will detect and report you when something is not working the way it was supposed to be. This valuable assistant is called Monitive and it is an effective website monitoring that will allow you to relax while it makes it possible for your website to be up and healthy.

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