ObservePoint:Try to Be Up Always..!

Do you know how much time & when your site was down? Of course you hosted with 99% up time hosting company. Yes, when they say 99% uptime, you’re down for at least 87.6 hrs a year. Shocking, but it’s true, your blog was down for 3 days. Just imagine how much business you might have lost.

How to know/track all these things? Here comes the ObservePoint into picture. ObservePoint will do that at very affordable price. They have a very strong monitoring system which can track your blogs uptime, URL redirections, Pixels and URL break downs.

When a page or key object goes critical or is down, ObservePoint sends out text, email, and phone message alerts to you or whomever you specify, to get back online before business is lost. Website and URL monitoring is an essential tool to help your online business be as profitable as possible by avoiding wasted traffic and resources.

They will monitor your site round the clock and will send you the alerts through mails/messages. So you can take the necessary actions to get back into business. If you run a company, then you don’t need to maintain a separate staff for monitoring your business servers/sites. Just outsource that task to ObservePoint and save some money and time.


Key Features:

  1. 24/7 Redirect and Url monitoring from LA to London
  2. Know within moments when redirects, urls or pixels go down.
  3. Easy cut and paste setup
  4. No IT involvement required
  5. Monitor any Url, sales process, pixel monitoring or transaction.
  6. Monitoring, reports and alerts: are all fully customizable.

You can try it out free for 7 days by monitoring 10 URL’s. If you love the process, price and everything, then consider it to use to improve your business.

Try it out for free: ObservePoint Trial

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