Most Useful Facebook Application and Pages

The most beautiful thing about Facebook is its applications. You’ll get 1000 of them, making your Facebook experience a much easier one. But there are some that are beating the heat these days. 10 of them are discussed below.

1. Super Wall – 13,902,244 monthly active users

This is the extended feature of the Facebook’s original Wall feature. The goodies that it adds are embedding pictures & videos along with the text that you write in your friends’ wall.


  • Easily share videos, cards, and photos with friends!
  • Discover new and interesting content from your friend network.
  • Watch the hottest new videos from around the web.
  • Show off your favorite media permanently on your profile.
  • Draw graffiti for your friends. Unleash your inner artist!

2. Funwall – 9,415,416 monthly active users

It is also like the Super Wall app but unlike Super Wall it allows you to tag the picture elements. It is packed with free, premium content from partners like VH1, E! Entertainment, Katalyst Media, and Hulu, and funny videos from fellow users.

3. Top Friends – 12,243,926 monthly active users

Tired of the common Facebook friends showcase? Customize your profile with Top Friends! Select your skin, add music, animations and more!

4. Video – 95,268 fans

This allows you to publish & share videos in Facebook. You can also send videos messages to your friends.

You can publish videos in 3 ways :

  • Record right in your browser.
  • Publish from your mobile.
  • File Upload.

5. SuperPoke – 2,476,107 monthly active users

Pokes are real good ways to let your friends know that you are thinking of them. But poking them in an enhanced way is a more better way. With Superpoke you can send any type of feelings. Try high-fiving, dropkicking, or throwing a sheep at your friends!!

6. Flixter Movies – 16,199,219 monthly active users

Rate movies and share what you saw or want to see with friends. Compare your movie taste with your friends. Take over 100,000 movie trivia quizzes.

7. Are You Interested??? – 2,620,271 monthly active users

All that you can do with it is to ask people a very simple yet powerful question – Are You Interested ? This is used by almost over than 13,000,000 Facebook users !! So if you are running any contest or giveaways in your blog you can draw your readers attention there and gather some useful Feedback.

8. iLike – 9,138,528 monthly active users

This application is very useful to Facebook who create music as well as those who likes music. Find & share concerts & events. Cool app to share your ideas!!

9. Hug Me – 4,258,442 monthly active users

Tired of just poking your friends? This is a whole new set of emotions to be expressed in poking. This application allows you to do more stuff to your friends: hug, slap, tickle, give beer to, throw Britney at and more!

10. Bumper Sticker – 5,051,385 monthly active users

Over 23 million Facebook users use Bumper Sticker to view, upload, and share virtual stickers that can be displayed on Profiles and in Streams. Browse through millions of quirky, edgy, and hilarious stickers. Add stickers to your profile and/or stick your friends! Can’t find a sticker you like, it’s easy to make your own!

Hope you found them useful. Using any of them already? Share with us! Happy Blogging!!

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