Is that Good Idea to add Testimonials on Advertise Page?

Very few authors do this, but I strongly recommend don’t be lazy in this regard. It’s my personal experience that there is a huge difference it makes. Select few good advertisers and try to get testimonials/quotes on their satisfaction towards the advertising.

Who has time to write the testimonials? Of course they won’t give you on their own, unless you request them to. It’s not that bad idea to send them a mail asking to put their satisfaction in 2 simple lines. I’ll share format for you guys here…


Hope you’re doing great with you business!

This is Lax from TechZoomIn, hosted advertising campaign for the great site Hope you satisfied with the results. If you’re really satisfied, here I request you to provide a 2 line testimonial with your experience on the campaign.

We are glad to display it on advertise page to showcase to our future advertisers. Thanks in advance for the great testimonial.


Lax |

Even you can specify some predefined format to get the type of testimonial exactly you’re looking for. Ok all set and you received a great testimonial from your client. How & where to showcase it now? It’s very simple.

Create an advertise page with all your current stats and achievements along with the testimonials with the heading “What my clients saying about TechZoomIn?”

Benefits: Of course content and stats are very important to get the advertisers on your way. But advertise page with couple of testimonials plays considerable role.

Your may impress advertiser on their first visit or you can inject a good impression on your blog, which drives you an opportunity to work with them. If they really satisfied with the result, you may get another chance to work with them or their friends and the network goes on…

It’s very important to follow each and every strategy to popularize yourself in order to get success and money in this competitive market. So, let’s try and share your experiences.

Are you following it already? Share your experiences! Happy Blogging!

16 Responses to “Is that Good Idea to add Testimonials on Advertise Page?”

  • Bryan says:

    A very very good idea man. You’re different on blogging by taking too simple and sensitive issues to share.

    Fully impressed and addicted to your blog 🙂 Thanks for all this man.

  • Lax says:

    @ Bryan,

    Thanks a lot for the words man. I’m very happy to listen these from you.

    Thanks for your comments again. Keep rocking dude…

  • Pro-Vamsi says:

    I am not new to blogging, how ever my blog is new!! I don know when you started blogging!!I’ve never seen a post like this one before!!
    Great post, absolutely amazing!! I am really impressed.Subscribed to your email updates with my primary email ID!!

    Waiting for your next post!!

  • Agent 001 says:

    I am already working on it. I emailed one but yet to get reply. Its was 4-5 days back.

    Well you can give me a Testimonial. Buy AD on my blog and if you are satisfied give a testimonial.

  • Lax says:

    @ Pro,

    Thanks for your great words dude. I started blogging exactly a year back,but TZI is 7 months old and going strong.

    Thanks for subscribing dude. Keep rocking!

    @ Agent,

    Just wait for the reply or remind them once again.But don’t force to get the testimonial 🙂

    I’m not yet started advertising my blog…definitely i’ll buy reviews with all you guys 🙂

  • TJG says:

    Good tip Lax. But who will trust those words on advertise page. Ultimately they will advertise with you only if you have good traffic and RSS count.


  • Lax says:

    @ Bloggertalk,

    Thanks for your liking dude.Keep rocking…

    @ TJG,

    Your right! Ultimate measurement is traffic,but still people will trust if some one says about you.

  • TJG says:

    May be true. Seeing this theory on so many blogs starting from big to new blogs.

  • Lifespy says:

    This i should do now. Thanks for teaching on this!

  • Lax says:

    @ Lifespy,

    Thanks for your first comments here. Keep rocking dude…

  • SEO tips says:

    It is a very good idea, this strengthens you brand, I’ve contacted exisiting customers before purchasing a product to make sure it is a trustworthy source.

  • Lax says:

    @ Anish,

    Thanks for the comment dude.

    @ SEO tips,

    That’s a great idea to contact the users who experienced it already.

  • Ruchi says:

    Well i don’t have any advertisers page as of now, but i will take this learning from you and will put one soon on my site, and it is really a great idea to put testimonial on advertising page, it shows how good you are in delivering what you say to your customers.

  • Very good post… For blogger like that don’t offer an advertising campaign in my blog, I still do research which is the best strategy to write a good advertisement page for my future advertisers. And I think I will follow some of your tips…

    Thank you very much.

  • Een Rockstar says:

    Having the testimonials at advertise page can give advantage to us.. it can attract people to think to advertise with us

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