Importance & Tips to Create a Personal Advertise Page

When we say ads, most of the times we mean Google. And when its Google its really is very high-paying ads & the relevancy rocks. This is more or less true for all the other ad networks too. This is because the wide range of advertisers they tap in. They also have big economy to deal with millions of potential advertisers monthly & also have a higher credibility. Well they also have certain drawbacks too…

Firstly & mostly they eat-up almost a lion-share of the money they get from the advertisers for showing ads on your site. And secondly the ads showing on your site are auto-generated(based on some keywords).

Advantages of Having Your Own Blog Advertising Page:

  • Firstly whatever money comes its all yours, no middle man will be eating on your back.
  • Secondly you have the control over selection of ads, no need to show unnecessary ads like a matrimonial ad on a tech related blog.
  • Thirdly you can earn more revenue with less ad slots occupied & this will please your readers too.

Now that we are very sure of what we are going to gain from the blog advertising page, now we will focus on how to make an Advertising page fruitful one.

#1 Tell them What your Blog is all About: The first and most important part of the page. This part will introduce you to the potential advertiser. So make sure you describe your blog well. Make sure your words deliver the right message to the advertiser.

#2 Show Off your Stats: Well this is something that you should declare so that the advertiser gets a clean idea of the site performance. Well for a very new blog its very low but you could offer a cheap pricing to compensate this. But my experience is that, you won’t grab deals until your blog gets at least 500+visitors/day. But please do not fake.

#3 Offer a Reasonable Pricing: Well this is another very important part of the page & the Advertising Campaign for your blog. Be careful while choosing the rates for the ad places. Suppose you get a decent traffic that is very targeted then you can demand good money. You could also look advertiser who aim for cheap rates. I suggest go for cheap rates at first then with increasing demand increase your rates too.

#4 Convince them on Why they Should Put their Ads here: You have to convince the advertiser about the potential that your site has to generate leads for the advertiser. To focus on these you can refer to the type of audience that your blog gets or you Β could simply talk about the economic plans that you offer. It could be simply anything that you think is good for an advertiser and is valid for your blog at the same time.

#5 Show ad Places: Show the advertisers the places you want to put ads on. It can vary with your site template. The most lucrative spots are one 468X60 unit beside the header & one 300X250 above the content & one 300X250 unit in the sidebar(above the fold). Other than these you can also offer multiple 125X125 ad units in the sidebar. But be careful, do not stuff your pages with ads. This will affect your audience base.

#6 Finally an Ending Note: And finally just put together all the previous points & make a final impact on your advertisers’ mind convincing him to try your advertising at least once. And if you feel you are creating a win-win situation for your advertisers then they will surely come back.

That’s all for now. And if you think there is anything more that can be done to optimize your ad pages please share them in the comments.

Hope you found it useful.Β Built an advertise page? Share with us! Happy Blogging!!

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