How to View Hidden Friend List of a Facebook User

Facebook is, without a doubt, the investment of the millennium. Hitting over $5 billion at the market and with more than 1 billion accounts (as of March 2013), the online platform directed by Mark Zuckerberg has managed to attract so many followers in less than a decade of existence. Although at first it was considered as an internal platform to connect all students from universities, it extended to what is now a global phenomenon.

Although extremely popular and easy to use, Facebook cares about the privacy of its users. Thus, unless a user wants to make public certain personal details (including age, nationality, pictures, or friend list), it is almost impossible to find the information from other sources. Chances are that, unless you are friends with a certain person, you will not be able to see anything that she or he posts, including photos or statutes. Even more, being friends with someone will not automatically guarantee you have full access to their disclosures. For instance, a person may choose to make public only a part of their info, or only a few of their photo albums. Moreover, you may not even be able to see what friends she or he has, apart from your common ones.

However, suppose that you desperately want to know whom she or she is friends with. How can you do that? Of course, the easiest answer to this tricky question would be “you cannot”. You cannot directly have access to personal information regarding a Facebook user, but you may try a “detour”. So, how would this detour work? In order to get a full list of friends of a Facebook user, even though they do not choose to share it with others, here is what you should do:

The Easy Way

  • Think about a person you and he/she might have in common. A colleague from work, a distant relative, or a high school friend should suffice. However, make sure you do not choose a close friend or relative in the process.
  • If you thought about one, access their Facebook account and download their profile picture. Set up a new account using that person’s exact name and Facebook picture, then send a friend request to the person you want.
  • If that person accepts your friend request, Facebook will automatically display in the right side of the page “people you may know”, who are already friends with that person. Based on a specific Facebook algorithm, you will be able to see most of that person’s friends, even though they are not publically listed.

The Other Way

Although these two methods are quite the same, their success really depends on your personal luck.

  • Set up a new Facebook account, using a different email address. You may want your email address to be as different of the original one as possible, to not raise any suspicions.
  • Find that person you are looking for, and send them a friend request.
  • The following step’s success only depends on your luck. If your person of interest accepts the friend request of an unknown user, you can proceed to the steps depicted above. Make sure you only keep them in your friend list, and you will get constant feedback regarding the people you might know and you might want to connect with.
  • If that person declines your friend request, you should probably try and perfect the upper way.

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