How to Know you are Addicted to Facebook?

Facebook was launched as an online social media website where you can search your friends, chat with them, play games and promote your online business. If those were the task you carry out it is enough if you use Facebook only for half an hour and close it, but many people spend their entire day on Facebook and are not even aware that they have got addicted to Facebook.

Here are few points which can tell you that you are addicted to Facebook or not:

#1 Facebook is on your Mind Every Time

You wake up at night from sleep, thinking that you might have received a comment on your post or photograph on Facebook. You sign in to Facebook, before you wash your face in morning. You take you lunch and dinner while surfing on Facebook and wake up till late nights in order to surf Facebook.

#2 Facebook is More Important than your Partner

When you feel that you want to spend time on surfing on Facebook rather than spending time with your loved ones. You give excuses to your partner for not going to date and keep engaged with Facebook. Earlier you might talk to your partner till late nights but since you signed up with Facebook, you started feeling those night talks boring.

#3 Keep on Visiting Profiles

When you are not getting any messages or comments on Facebook then also you keep on surfing others profiles without any reason. You always try to add more friends, even if you know them or not. You just want to show everyone that you are a loyal Facebook user. You spend hours watching photographs of people you even don’t know.

#4 Priorities Changes

You feel that work is not as important as surfing Facebook and you postponed your meeting because you have to spend time on Facebook. Even if you lose your job because of Facebook surfing, you are happy as you can spend more time on Facebook now.

#5 Can’t Imagine a Day Without Facebook

When you have a function at your home and you won’t get time for Facebook than you start sweating and spend sleepless nights. You start finding ways to get time out of your family function so that you can spend time on Facebook.

#6 You Spend Money Just to be Online on Facebook

You want to kill internet provider because of frequent break down and you change to more expensive internet provider so that you can be online on Facebook. You purchase new mobile, so that you can be online every time through mobile.

#7 Future Plans

Suddenly you start thinking that how you can you spend your maximum time on Facebook like how you can shift your computer in washroom or how to dump your girlfriend/boyfriend who doesn’t have account on Facebook and they get aggravated when you talk to him/her about Facebook.

If you think you are suffering from all these symptoms, then you are addicted to Facebook. Try to set your priorities and enjoy. Happy Blogging !!

If you’re addicted, try to access FB from using your mobile internet, it makes fun πŸ™‚

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