How to Generate Quality Articles for Your Blog

Blogging is an art, it’s not easy to survive as a blogger. If you are new to this world of blogging, then I would seriously advice you to read more about blogging rather than start blogging directly. To be a successful blogger one has the necessity to learn basics of good blogging. Good blog design along with good quality articles would definitely take you to great heights with in a really short period.

My friends often say it’s important to have a professional looking blog template to really attract a reader. They may be true but not cent percent, I often believe that a template cannot do the whole work, writing skills of the author play a vital role too. Make sure that your article is of good length, without any spelling and grammatical errors. Their oks if you are not 100% perfect at least aim for 90%.

One word I would really love to mention here is ‘Your Creativity Level’. Most bloggers fail to reach their target because they lack in creativity. An Ideal blogger always produces something new and interesting, and that’s what makes him/her unique in the business. So always try to produce articles that are really cool and informative.

Don’t stick to a single niche, let me assume that you are maintaining a tech blog, now don’t stick to write articles only on technology, try to post something new, which is not at all related to Technology. Write something that makes your readers feel relaxed.

For Example: Most often people love to hear about your personal information or difficulties you faced while developing your blog or a funny incident that happened to you long ago. Write something new at least thrice a month. I’m sure this would definitely work because change is what people need.

Sometimes using Examples to explain something makes things much better. It’s important to write articles in a language that a typical user can understand. What if you failed to explain something deeply, that needs to be explained deeply. Well, use an example to describe the situation. You can see in the above paragraph where I used an Example to explain this particular line “Write something that makes your readers feel relaxed”. The above example explained the total concept in my mind.

Last but not the least, using images and videos would really boost the quality of your article. A picture can express 1000 words and a video can express 1000 pictures. So use both images and videos where ever they are needed to help your users understand what you are talking about.

Hope you found it useful. How you build your blogs quality? Share with us! Happy Blogging!!

28 Responses to “How to Generate Quality Articles for Your Blog”

  • Swashata says:

    Great article! I really enjoyed reading πŸ™‚ Please elaborate on the “Change” I mean what kind of change one can have on a particular niche! For example I am a tech blogger! So what change I can actually give πŸ™‚ [Lifestyle, something related to a techie’s life which is actually non-technical or so…)

    • Lax says:

      The other stuff is just to entertain your readers apart from tech. You can post about your exp at some interview or restaurant.

      OR something related to tech like, any exp with in your office or anything πŸ™‚ But don’t go opposite direction. Just go for something related to tech or personal.

    • On tech related niche blog, you can a change on your blogging experiences (difficulties that you have overcome).

      Say like for example, you can do how you manage to maintain your blogs traffic where “Traffic Gathering” is not your top priority topic.

      I am sure that most readers will gonna love your information especially for bloggers and webmasters.

  • Great tips. I have been using images a lot now, but need to start using more videos in my posts. I would normally have a link to videos or web page where the video’s are.

  • I thought the main reason why not many people want to subscribe to my blog is because of the niche. I mean, I’m talking about technology most of the time but I do occasionally throw in a few non-tech posts.

    Sometimes I wonder whether readers want a focused niche or not lol

    • Lax says:

      Tech and Blogging niches are related now a days. Every techie having a blog and he will be interested in knowing the tips.

      Don’t worry about that, but don’t go beyond tech,blogging and personal.

      Thanks for your comments Michael!

  • Yes..u r right… our own story how we came ahead against all odds is something everyone likes to hear

  • Doug Dillard says:

    First time here. I really like you site design and layout.

    Great post! I am working a developing my skills creating videos so hopefully we can bring our readers some informative, as well entertaining videos.

  • Ricky says:

    I am sure that the change is necessary. It helps you to get off topic and lessens your burden too.

  • Pro-Vamsi says:

    Its nice to see this article got really cool comments from your readers lax. Some times it inspires me to write few more to you.

  • indr@ says:

    wow thanks for your tips pals.. ori content is important..

  • Nihar says:

    Nice post lax!

    One needs to be creating . just a good template or theme doesn’t do the job.

  • I completely agree with you. It is important to switch things up once in a while. Having been reading blogs for a long time, I can easily say that if a blogger does not change up their content once in a while, I get bored and stop reading. Change and creativity is important.

  • Even though I don’t follow this rule…I will like to advice: Don’t aim at 90%. Aim at full 100% and you will land at 90%. Keep Rocking!

  • khalid says:

    Hi Lax
    I competely agree with you about some change from the main niche of your blog, I tried it before and again I will do it.
    But these days Iam facing a les visitor situation and if you have some suggession please.

    • Lax says:

      I guess you’re not reading my reply comments πŸ™‚ Only the thing you need to do now is check your status in search indexes…

      Read this:

  • Lee Ka Hoong says:

    In my opinion, if we’re writing a specific topic in our niche, it’s better to stick to one niche. If you tend to write something funny or rambling, perhaps you build another personal blog and link to it from your current blog. I think it’s good for the main blog’s SEO instead of writing mix topic.


    • Lax says:

      Yes that’s true.. I started TZI as tech and blogging blog..but on the run i understood all these tricks and shifted it completely to blogging and money making niche..

      Thanks for sharing all your thoughts Lee.

  • You can generate good articles if you already experienced the field you are in.

    It’s hard to expand the idea if you haven’t gone from that before.

    So, at least you knew a little bit in your niche and try to expand it through research.

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