How to Earn Online from Affiliate Programs

As you have already seen in many websites/blogs that they show affiliate links or banners. You can also earn a good deal doing same for your own website/blog. This article will start you up on the basic things for starting to use the affiliate programs for your own domains.

How does this Whole thing Work…

This thing works on commissions. Suppose your pages show an affiliate link to a merchants website named X. So if any of your visitors clicks on the link a cookie is sent to his machine. This cookie tracks from which affiliate(which is you) it is coming from, thereby crediting his account with a commission. Now if the visitor buys a product/service from the merchant website then again the referring affiliate(which is you) will be paid. Now this way you can earn a ton.

Relevancy is First Step to Success…

Well starting from search results & ranging upto site content relevancy is the only thing that makes netizens happy. This rule also applies for online advertising too. Google AdSense is so popular only because of its relevancy of ads. Whatever we are not here to discuss Google Ads so lets come to the point. Look out for affiliates that provides most relevant ads for your website/blog. So if you are running a blog which provides blogging tips then you must go for a affiliate which provides domain ads or provides SEO services which is more relevant to your content than an affiliate that provides ads on MS-Office downloads.

Get Started with One…

Well now that we are sure what to do choose we must start by signing up with one of them. The basic steps are:

  1. Fill up a sign-up form providing details of you & your website/blog. They generally provide a general guidelines to fill up the form. Try to stick to the guidelines.
  2. After submission you have to wait for some time. This delay is due to the verification of your website/blog. This is related to your acceptance in the program. So make sure to provide the proper details in the first step. Though there are many that will let you start right-away.
  3. After you receive their confirmation you can start putting their ads on your pages. But avoid putting questionable content like copyrighted content, adult or vulgar content etc on your pages.

Putting Ads on your Pages..Technical Know How

With all things done, now comes the most important part. How to add those ads on your pages?? Well its a vast topic as it varies widely. But there is a common principle that works with all of them(affiliate programs). Those are few simple steps :

  1. Log in to account with your username & password.
  2. Now go to the part where you can select from wide range of ads(sizes, types).
  3. When you have selected the ad, you will get the code you will be provided with a code to show the ad.
  4. Copy the code & paste it onto the portion of the code(of your page) where you want to display the ad.


So now that we are almost done introducing ourselves to an affiliate program we have to monitor the performance of the ads on a daily basis. There is no shortcut or convention regarding this. You have to do your own research regarding this. Well somewhat later I’ll be focusing on a detailed discussion on this topic too.

Till you can keep searching for your own resources for this. All for now. Happy Blogging !!!

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