How to copy content from Right click disabled web pages

Sometimes it is not possible to copy something that want from a web page (if the webmaster has disabled the right click). To go round this problem all you have to do is to go to the menu bar at the top of your browser, click on “View” then “Page Source” and you should be able to copy the text from there.

So you copied content finally. Don’t misuse this content, 🙂 because it is violating the copyrights. Ofcourse even they can restrict this one also but many webmaster don’t know this one.

3 Responses to “How to copy content from Right click disabled web pages”

  • Yeah, you are right. There many bloggers also today, who don’t know this.

    Before I started blogging I already knew about this when I study how HTML AND CSS works

  • Een Rockstar says:

    One more trick..go to your browser option disable javascript…then you can use right click..hehehe

  • tedgrant2 says:

    There are advanced options for Javascript in Firefox, one of which relates to this problem. So you can moadify the way the script operates without disabling Java.

    Another method that ALWAYS works for me is to use the PrintScreen button (PrtSc on my keyboard), then open a new Paint file and paste, then edit to remove any unwanted material and save.

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