How Much Should you Pay for a Paid Writer?

This is always a difficult question to answer in blogging world. What exactly they expect per article? How they estimate the price? At the end how much you need to pay? All the questions got their own variable answers. So, we can’t define the single answer here. But we can discuss the points which can make difference in the calculation. Here we go then…

Estimating the price per article depends on many factors. So let’s discuss those here…

Writer Experience: This makes all the difference in pricing. If you hire experienced people, then obviously you need to pay more and you’ll get quality out of it. Again here are some points where you need to concentrate

  • Writing experience
  • Niche experience

Writing experience is different than real time or niche experience. The writer should be experienced in the niche which you are in.

Writers Track Record: This is very important factor in price estimation. Find where else the writer is working and look at his previous articles. And look at the response he got. If possible contact that site owner and enquire about the writer skills and behavior.

Word Count: Article just about the given topic or article with in & out of the topic makes the difference in price and quality. If it is just a sneak peak then you don’t need to pay much. If you want in & out of the topic, then writer need to do more research on the topic. You can pay more in this scenario.

Honesty: So many bad dogs are wandering around the web. They just copy the content, change it and publish it somewhere or sell it. You need concentrate more here to catch those dogs.

Punctuality: This is very important in blogging niche. Posting should follow a standard frequency. Your agreement should talk about, how many posts per month and what’s the frequency.

Finally pricing depends upon the writer and the communication between you and writer. It’s always good to experiment with new comers, who can serve for less.

Hope you enjoyed. Do we have any points like this? Share with us! Happy Blogging!!

18 Responses to “How Much Should you Pay for a Paid Writer?”

  • Grace says:

    I think it should also depend on where they’re posting; at a high-traffic blog? At a low traffic blog? All your points are also important. Thanks for sharing!

  • Agent 001 says:

    Hmm! Nice post but you didn’t tell how much we should pay. You should have given an estimated price or something.

  • Lax says:

    @ Grace,

    That is also valid point dude. Thanks for sharing with us.

    @ Agent,

    That why i said its diff to answer. Need to look into all those factors and estimation is up to the author of the site.

    How much you expect to take or give? 🙂

  • ArtMachine says:

    @ Agent,

    Max you can pay in blogging niche is $10 per article. In design it goes high

  • Nordquist says:

    Content writing is most profitable job. You don’t need to worry about site growth, PR and all.

    Exp plays major role. Thanks for article

  • Stepan says:

    Copyrights is very important factor in guest blogging or paid blogging.

  • Agent 001 says:

    @ Lax : I would write my content myself. I am too short in money to buy articles.

  • Lax says:

    @ Artmachine,

    May be but not exactly. It depends on the quality of the article.

    @ Nordquiest,

    That’s true..just submit and get the payment job 🙂

    @ Stepan,

    That’s all about bad dogs i told in article. It’s very difficultto find those smart guys

    @ Agent,

    Till i’m also writing my own articles. But planning to hire 2 writers in coming months.

  • sham says:

    Track Record and word count is the key..Also we should consider the quality of the article tpp 🙂

  • Tech Of Web says:

    Again after reading the post,question still much sud we much u pay anyone for ur blog..hope that answer can help many..

  • Some bloggers often find a good paid writers from their friends referred to them.

    It’s much better to find info from those people who experience the service of those paid writers.

    I think, recommendation is better than self research.

  • Mostlyblog says:

    i think it should depend on knowledge and writing ability.

  • @JoeHobot says:

    All factors are valid above, but I just wanted to add few things.

    Somebody could let say write an article that made you 50.000 pageviews and you pay them lets say $10 right?

    Same article length quality etc made 1000 pageviews do you think it’s fair to pay $10 ?

    Business is Business in Blogging world. Why would I lets say pay someone $10 each time and my blog traffic is not above 1000 pageviews.

    I tend to pay people by pageviews and it’s most fair payment. You do good job in SEO, Quality Post and you get 50K pageviews per post …I give 80% of earned money …so you can get paid $50 bucks each month per post or 50c 🙂

    You know what I am saying? 🙂

    Anyway, good article…

  • Harry says:

    Would it also be possible that those “writers” you have hired are also hiring someone to do the work for them? If that is the case, they don’t deserve the honest payment you were about to pay him. So the question would be, who is the best writer to hire.

  • sandandart says:

    there is alot of websites that able you to exchange links for free.

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