G-Lock EasyMail – Effective In-house Bulk Email Sender

It is clear that the key to a successful business is communication. As a result you will definitely need to take advantage of the benefits that G-Lock EasyMail bulk email software has in store for you. In case you have little information about this software then you should know that with this program you will forget about the complexity of building an in-house e-mail marketing solution or operating a third party e-mail service.  At the same time people should know that this is a powerful and easy to use tool that could be used by both individuals and companies, in order to send e-mails, manage their lists or increase their return on investment.


Now that you have been introduced to this desktop email marketing solution, it’s about time you knew more about its advantages.

1) Money saver. Believe it or not with G-Lock EasyMail there are no monthly fees and once you have paid for this software you can use it on two personal computers, such as your laptop and your desktop. Besides that, if you are not completely sure that this is the right option for you then you should just download the free version. This will let you send your e-mail to 500 subscribers, so if you have a small e-mail list you will be able to use this tool for without paying a dime.

2) Unlimited number of e-mails and no limitations on the list size. In case you have many things to share with your clients you should know that there are no limitations as far as the number of e-mail you can send per day or per hour. At the same time if your list is growing and if you get more and more subscribers this doesn’t mean that you will have to pay more.

Untitled13) No hosting account needed. You don’t need to worry about hosting anymore because this in-house bulk email sender will take care of this aspect, too. In fact they have plenty of options their clients will be able to choose from. Top begin with you could use the settings of your internet service provider, however if your ISP has email sending restrictions then you should go for Amazon SES API or SMTP in G-Lock EasyMail. And last but not least customers are encouraged to use SMTP free delivery which works perfectly on Windows Server and which is able to ensure a fast email delivery.


Anyway, these are only some of the many perks you will get by using this tool. But, something that one should not forget to mention is the fact that this email sender has a great section on how to create and send newsletter using this software. And, in case you need more help apart from these great pieces of advice, then you should just go to their vide tutorial section and get all the help you need. So, as you can see you are not alone in this quest, on the contrary here you will find all the help you need, in order to be able to communicate with your clients.

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