Flixya:100% AdSense Revenue Sharing Platform for Image &Video Lovers..!

As you know recently am looking into long term steady money making ways. I found that AdSense revenue sharing platforms are the easiest and risk free to start on. Recently we started using SheToldMe.com(Just submitted 3 article links and got $2 till now), which is also 100% AdSense revenue sharing platform where you can submit your favorite links. But today I found a new platform called Flixya, where in you can submit videos, photos & blogs to earn money.

You just need to signup for free and submit your favorite videos or photos anywhere from the web. Flixya will serve your AdSense ad units on that video or photo page. So if somebody clicks on that Ad, it will be accounted into your AdSense account.

Of course, it’s the same concept on which HubPages or DigitalPoint forums are running. But no one is offering you 100% revenue share. So with this concept and sites, anyone without owning a blog can earn some money just by sharing their favorite stuff.

By rewarding the community of contributing members at 100%, we feel Flixya represents the second generation of social networking and raises the bar by setting the standard for the future of online social responsibility.

Said Adam Oliver, Flixya Co-founder and CEO

Why it’s easy & risk free:

You’ll understand the reason why I said it’s easy and risk free, If you found any good video or image, definitely you will store it somewhere online or you will share it with your friends right? You can do the same thing on Flixya. But still you can make some money if someone opens your ads on that page.

Are you making any extensive effort here? Probably no, because you’re doing what you love to do anyway πŸ™‚ . And its risk free because you don’t need to bother about site maintenance or AdSense account safety.

Flixya: How it works

You will just signup and share your favorite stuff, but while singing up you will give your AdSense information like Email id, Zip code & last 5 digits of phone number. Flixya will detect your publisher id and will serve ads according to that.


So obviously if someone clicks on that Ad, which will be credited to your AdSense account directly.

Think in this way, you will submit some stuff now, but the Ads on that page will be served for life. So you can image how much you can make for life from that. Respectable amount in worst situation also πŸ™‚ right?

My main intension here is that, look for some long term money making ways.

Click here to join Flixya & Click here to join SheToldMe

Hope you found it useful. Already participating in any revenue sharing platforms? Share with us! Happy Blogging!!

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