Dolphin-Powerful Social Networking Software

Online business is one of the best ways to promote your business to the outer world. Social Media communities are one place where you can promote your business online. Now you can build your own social media community or an open source community with help of top software providers in web like BoonEx. BoonEx has some of the powerful social media community software such as Dolphin which can help in building powerful social networking websites.

Everyone knows about facebook and twitter which are the top social media communities in Web now. If you want to develop an open source community platform or social networking website, which can build your own network online, there are powerful software’s such as Dolphin which can help you to get your own social networking website online. Boonex is one of the top software community experts site where you get all the latest information related to community software.

About Dolphin

Dolphin is one of the most powerful software packages for creating your own social network, social community or an online dating site with full control over your site. They include all the necessary plugins, audio and video players, chat and messenger with their package.

About BoonEx

BoonEx is one of the top communities for programmers, web masters and entrepreneurs. Their main aim is to unite people from all over the world who focus on sites and social community software. It is one of the largest professional networks which widely focus on social community, online dating software and social sites.

Salient Features of BoonEx

BoonEx is the only company in Web which provides you with an option to rebrand their open source applications which are available both for iphone and Android.

You can use their applications, develop or enhance them and submit them to app stores with your enhancements. BoonEx Mobile Applications are very useful for users who use Dolphin to create a social network.  BoonEx Mobile Applications helps to create an unique platform for mobile networking experience. With top social networking templates provided by Dolphin and these Mobiles Apps, your social network software will become very useful for users online.

Mobile App Rebranding License

You can get your own applications in the web through rebranding applications from BoonEx. For this you need to purchase packages from BoonEx. They provide some of the best and attractive packages at a competitive price in the industry

Mobile app rebranding license is available as part of Prime or Enterprise packages. It is always preferred to have permanent Dolphin Licenses. The Mobile Rebranding License which is provided by them helps you to access both iPhone and Android Apps source code and also helps you to edit logs and brand with your own logos.

With such powerful options, you can now use Dolphin and Mobile Social Networking Apps from BoonEx which can build or create a social network online.

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