Do’s And Don’ts Of SEO Factors in 2011

The SEO ranking factors are always changing and ever evolving. So very likely, there has been a little bit of fundamental change in the way of ranking the sites by search engines in the year 2011. New communication methods are taking away more spaces such as the Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz and many more.
With all the changes in the world of blogging and online business, here are some of the do’s and don’ts of SEO factors in 2011.

SEO Factors That Do Matter in 2011

The Internet and online business is becoming more and more competitive and extremely fast. Moreover, the expectation of users are growing accordingly so that you have to take care of in every way to remain socially active, Here is a list of SEO factors that do really matter in today’s date.
  • Social Media Improvement
  • Faster Page Load Time
  • Quality Backlinks
  • Unique or Viral Content
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

SEO Factors That Does Not Matter in 2011

The so-called traditional tricks of SEO are no longer in use nowadays. SEO is now becoming much more dependable on content creation and promotion of course. How valuable and useful your content is to your users is what matters most nowadays and the search engines are just looking at how the content gets passed across the web. With the recent SEO trend in mind, here are some of the SEO factors that does not matter in today’s blogging.
  • Meta Keyword Tags
  • Density of Keyword
  • Generic Backlinks
  • Age of Domain
  • Page Sculpting

6 Responses to “Do’s And Don’ts Of SEO Factors in 2011”

  • Is any social media that promotes dofollow?? The Giants – Facebook and Twitter doesn’t that’s for sure!!

    Do you know any?

  • It’s very useful to an Search engine optimizer that they able to know about how much focus on what to do to increase rank of any site? How should be data content and quality link?

  • In the SEO world there are increased competition day by day that kind of activity google and twitter want to make some changing but not matter.

  • Thomas says:

    Age of Domain will always continue to be an SEO factor in my opinion. When it comes down to websites with a similar amount of indexed bages and a similar backlink profile, the older domain always seems to win out!

  • @Online Information Technology Blogger
    There are quite a few DoFollow social media sites. Just type “DoFollow Social Media” into Google and you’ll find several sites with lists of social media sites that allow for DoFollow links somewhere in their interface. Just make sure you’re using something like SEO for Firefox to make sure your links are actually DoFollow!

    I totally agree I think age of domain will always be a factor, no matter how small.

  • I agree with FinallyFast- you should use Firefox tools to make sure you are posting on dofollow websites. But I also think it doesn’t do much harm to also have a few nofollow links coming to your site- makes it look natural too. Though do keep an eye on the PR of the pages you are getting links from. Anyone else agree with me on nofollow?

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