Chat From Orkut Now!

Orkut team came up with brand useful feature in Orkut,that is chat from Orkut itself.So,from now you can chat with Orkut friends online.

As so many of our friends are constantly on Orkut, sending scraps, commenting on photos, and bumping hips on BuddyPoke, we figured it was time to make it easy for you to chat directly with your Orkut friends whenever they come online. That’s why we are excited to announce a fully integrated version of Google Talk that works seamlessly from within Orkut, with no install or separate window required.

You don’t need to enable or install anything in Orkut.Just click on the green status symbol of your friends to chat with them directly.This simply looks like chatting from Gmail window.

You can set your status to Available,Busy,Invisible,Offline where as you don’t have custom message option like Gmail chat has.

To sum up, the new Google Talk in Orkut lets you:

  • chat with your Orkut friends in real time from directly within Orkut
  • control which of your Orkut friends can chat with you
  • chat with your Google Talk and Gmail chat contacts
  • visit different Orkut pages while keeping your chat boxes open

Even though Google announced it 2 days back,but just today the feature available for all the Orkut users around the Globe.

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