30 Best jQuery Plugins for Designers

The jQuery Plugins are required for designing attractive websites with easily navigable interface, creative graphics, animations and other elements. The jQuery plugin community is one of the most active communities and the designers are going to come across hundreds of useful jQuery plugins on the web. With these plugins it is possible to integrate various functions in the webpage quickly and efficiently. Most of these plugins are available at free of cost and the designers can simply download and use them in their project.

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Troubleshooting SEO Rankings: How to Improve Dismal Results

SEO is often touted as the definitive way to make certain that your site remains competitive and effective in an ever-changing environment. Unfortunately, implementing the techniques that will lead to success is rarely as simple as changing a few elements here and there and popping in a few keywords. Instead, a successful SEO campaign and overall strategy is reliant upon several moving parts that are able to work well in tandem, resulting in the desired effect on the site in question. If a site’s SEO techniques are not working properly, it is important to understand how best to troubleshoot those problems and get your site functioning effectively.

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Post Penguin Social Bookmarking Strategies

In the world post Penguin, social sharing has become one of the most important SEO tools. Your social signals today can not only help attract more traffic, but also play a big role in determining your overall search rankings.

Obviously, not all social sites are equal; some are more equal than the others; the social giant Facebook being one of them.

Seeing Google’s current trend of focusing on the overall social reputation of a website, having an active and thriving Facebook page (not just one with bought Likes) can play a significant role in your Website’s performance.

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10 Tips to Make Your WordPress Blog Search Engine Friendly

If you own a blog of your own, you should be aware about the importance of search engine optimization. If people are unable to find your blog on search engines of their choice for their targeted terms, all of your hard work is going in vain. These days search engine optimization is not all about delivering quality contents in the form of blog posts and pages. Your blog need to have a strong presence on major social media networks, its load time should be faster and other website owners and bloggers are finding your blog contents good enough in quality that they would love to link to them. There are many more factors that play a vital role when it comes about getting top 10 rankings for your blog pages on Google and other search engines.

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What the important do’s and don’ts for SEO?

Today companies relying on online business, need to make sure that their websites are on the top when it comes to search engines. SEO techniques are becoming more famous than ever before as a marketing strategy. If your business depends of a lot of new customers, SEO techniques are the best possibility for your prosperity. Out of my experience, I have gathered some important do’s and don’ts for SEO.

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5 Simple Ways to Get Huge Traffic

Getting traffic to the website is a very important part for the business in order make people know about your product or service so that they can make use of your product or refer others who are in need of it by this you can improve your profits, brand image and also you can find your targeted customers.

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5 ways to use facebook for your Business

Facebook  which is one of the most popular social sites on internet is being used by the professionals and businesses to make their business grow . Business people usually make use of this platform for their  business in promoting their products as well as improving the brand image of their organization globally . By which it helps in maintain a good relationship with the existing customers and also helps in forming new customers.

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Attractive Status Updates On Social Networks

You will find numerous ways to update your status on social networks. Some web services allow you to post text only, whereas social networks like Facebook, Google Buzz and Linkedln are like Twitter. Some even allow you to connect your Twitter to these accounts and your status is updated automatically by the tweets.

Do’s And Don’ts Of SEO Factors in 2011

The SEO ranking factors are always changing and ever evolving. So very likely, there has been a little bit of fundamental change in the way of ranking the sites by search engines in the year 2011. New communication methods are taking away more spaces such as the Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz and many more.

Top 10 Social Media Sites

Social media revolution has just made the blogging world and the marketing conditions to go up to those highs which they have not seen in past. Social media revolution has amazed everyone in the world in the recent years. With the help of these social media sites and forums, you can now very easily promote your business blogs and websites, services and all that which you want to market with the help of getting more and more back links.

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