List Of Five Easy Website Builder Tools

Who says you need coding or programming skills to create a website? Those days are long gone. I mean of course if you have that knowledge it will help but you don’t need that to create and run a website. You can survive without being a coder.

Many Tools exist to help you achieve that. Yes the two heavy weight champions amongst these tools are Blogger and WordPress but they are geared towards creation of a blog not a website.

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How to View Hidden Friend List of a Facebook User

Facebook is, without a doubt, the investment of the millennium. Hitting over $5 Billion at the market and with more than 1 billion accounts (as of March 2013), the online platform directed by Mark Zuckerberg has managed to attract so many followers in less than a decade of existence. Although at first it was considered as an internal platform to connect all students from universities, it extended to what is now a global phenomenon.

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Cloud storage means storing your work on servers which you can access later with an Internet connection. This takes a departure from the traditional data storage methods like DVDs and hard disks.

Many companies are shifting to cloud storage day by day and quite rightfully so. The advantages of cloud storage are plenty. As everything is stored online the storage doesn’t occupy any valuable space; all your files can be accessed from any device having an Internet connection; and instead of getting into the hassle of sending huge files as e-mail attachments, especially when e-mail service providers don’t allow large File transfers, you can just send the link to the uploaded file via e-mail and the recipient can then download the file from that link.

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Creating an email Campaign that Actually Makes Money

new-fangled marketing Tools can make email marketing seem a bit old-hat, but underneath the increasingly ubiquitous nature of our relationship with email lies a treasure trove of marketing opportunities. But with priority inboxes and spam filters creating ever-higher barriers to effective communication, how can the modern marketer properly utilize email?

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DesignCrowd – Submit Designs and Earn Money

Imagine a book without its book cover; imagine a movie poster with simple text and no Images; imagine a greeting card in plain black and white text. Detaching these articles from these seemingly simple things produces dull, weak results. A good design can add to the value of your business while a bad one can hurt it. This is one of the most important Reasons why people like publishers and movie producers spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars in getting Quality designs for their products.

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Social Media Marketing – A Beginner’s Guide

In a world that thrives on interaction, ubiquity is everything. So, if you aren’t yet harnessing the power of social media for your own venture, you are (in theory) limiting the growth of your brand. For the uninitiated, social media marketing refers to any online networking or advertising strategy devised to improve the flow of traffic to a website and gain attention. These strategies include: social networking, blogging, link exchange, SEO and content marketing.

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30 Handy Tools for Web Designers and Developers

If you’re a web designer or developer doing your own business or developing sites for your clients, you must know some Tools which ll help you improve productivity and helps to scale things. Here are the following 30 tools that every developer should have in their pocket.

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How to Crowdsource Your App Design

We live in a hyper-connected age where we can share content and buy stuff instantly from any location and on any Internet-enabled device. Driving this consumer communication revolution is smartphones and various mobile gadgets. Being connected to the Internet means a global network is at your fingertips 24/7. The mobile revolution brings us a lot of surprises including new business models, new products and tonnes of innovation!

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10 Different JQuery Modal Box Plug-ins

A dialog box is a floating window which contains a title bar and some content under the title. A modal dialog box is a special type of dialog box in which all the background of the screen i.e. the part of the screen except for the box is dimmed so that the dialog gets all the attention of the viewers. Modal boxes can be used in a number of ways. The most prominent use of Modals that I have seen is in capturing email addresses of the readers of a website.

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25 Top Android Social Network Apps

These days social networking apps got most downloads, let it be Android Apps or iStore Apps. Many people like to explore and increase their circle through face book, twitter, orkut, etc. Android became the best software which gives millions of applications for free. Google recently released Android 5.0, though wikipedia says 4.0.4 is the stable at the moment.

Here we present you 25 Top Android Social Network Applications. Hope they would be useful for you have fun…Enjoy!!

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