Beautiful Fonts from WhatFontis

First impression is always the best impression either it is your website design or your website font. It is very important to develop a website which is attractive to readers and make them permanent subscribers for your blog. Most of the companies and businesses online develop their own font which is simple, elegant and attractive for readers. There are some quality font providers online such as WhatFontis which gives you an option to find font from image and many more advanced options which can help in finding the best fonts for your business website.

If you have an idea of making your content unique in the image by changing the font, then WhatFontis is the best option for making your font look something different from the routine fonts which are available regularly. The benefit in changing the font look, helps in attracting your readers easily towards your image as it looks something different from other regular images or else if you want your viewers look a particular data in your content then WhatFontis is the best option to do it and succeed in targeting your viewers.

About WhatFontis

WhatFontis is an online website which provides options to identify whats that font or you can look for an alternative to a font. One can easily download their choice of font-look and easily make use of it. This website helps you in font recognition from any image in Web

Download your favourite Font from WhatFontis

candyinc font example

Now you can download your favourite fonts from WhatFontis. Some of the simple tips to select best Font are

· The text must be horizontal and the letters should not be touching.

· The resolution for the letter must be over 80 pixels for best results and the background color needs to be lighter than the color of the letters.

· The maximum number of letters should be 10 and minimum is 2 and for better results try to make the image Gray scale and the best resolution is 1000px X 120p.

Steps to download your favorite Font

search for font in simple steps

You can download your choice of font in three simple steps from their website. Given below are the steps to download your favorite font.

· In the first step you need to Send the image file with the font you want to identify or you can also specify a URL with the image.

· Proceed to second step by pressing continue and in this you need give your letter then later you can continue to the third step

· In the final step, you can find you various fonts which are displayed according to the letter you have given and from here you can select your choice of font and can be displayed with your image.

Samples of fonts found in WhatFontis


There are many fonts which are available in WhatFontis and you can even search for your choice from their official website online and can select your favorite font. Some of the free samples that are available on WhatFontis are worth trying. They can be easily down loadable. Some of the best examples of Quality Fonts are Cheery Pie font, Chromium Font, King Cross Font, Pixel-western Regular font, Gesture Hand Font etc.

WhatFontis is one of the best website known for its customer service. If you have any queries or business proposals, you can simply add your requirements and queries by filling the form which is available in their website and get best solutions for your business requirements.

One Response to “Beautiful Fonts from WhatFontis”

  • Thanks Sriram, this is a great font resource. There are a ton of free fonts here, a lot of them are very highly stylized; not for writing but for logos or bold words separate from your text.

    I did find a decent number of writing fonts: BDP Clien Regular, Erato/Erato Lite (kind of a variation of Eurostyle), Ambassador is an interesting one, and many variations of Raldo.

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