Backup Your Blog With A Backup Plugin

All your hard efforts of writing, advertising, marketing and administrating strategies can become a total waste if you have not taken any measure of backing up your blog. Well, you might be thinking about the hosting companies that take all the responsibilities to backup your account. But what if there’s a failure in their part? You must have your own backup system for your blogs.

To help you survive in such situations, there are wide ranges of backup plugins already available in the market for WordPress. The major and essential job in your part is to choose an appropriate one for your blog and sit back relaxed. Among the long list of Backup Plugins, the three most popular plugins for WordPress are; WP-DBManager, DBC Backup and WP-DB-Backup.

All these three backup plugins are really very handy for your WordPress blog – easy to install, provides your blog with the feature of automatic backup and most importantly are user friendly. Although, this three are among the most popular one’s but still they differ in their capabilities and ratings among themselves too. So, if we further compare these three backup plugins, the one that satisfies all the basic features is the DBC Backup. However, choosing a backup plugin is completely based on your requirement. So, if you have not yet used any backup system for your WordPress blog, the above information might help you to choose one that best suits your requirement.

For more information and download of each these backup plugins, check out the links – WP-DBManager, DBC Backup and WP-DB-Backup.

4 Responses to “Backup Your Blog With A Backup Plugin”

  • FinallyFast says:

    I can definitely vouch for WP-DB-Backup. I currently use it to back-up all of my wordpress blogs and I even used the back-up database file from that plugin to migrate my blog to a new server. Great plugin, super reliable.

    Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to use the other 2..but actually, I suppose I’m fortunate that I haven’t had to!

  • Marygold says:

    Plugins you have shown here, no doubt they are valuable and effective but there is an another easy way to take backup by simply through cpanel. Any how your good post. Thanks!

  • Rakesh Kumar says:

    Although above plugins performs good task to our blog but those takes only database backup. Can you suggest me a free tool which takes whole backup including post and pages?

  • Lakhyajyoti says:

    Great list of plugins for backup.BWN I am using WP-DB-Backup.Thanks for sharing.

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