Attractive Status Updates On Social Networks

You will find numerous ways to update your status on social networks. Some web services allow you to post text only, whereas social networks like Facebook, Google Buzz and Linkedln are like Twitter. Some even allow you to connect your Twitter to these accounts and your status is updated automatically by the tweets.

While these are all great ways to update your status but not the best either. There are many other social networks that allow you to update your profile in a more defined way. Let’s know about these attractive status updates in a more prominent way.

Attaching a link on Facebook: When you are within your Facebook account, why not use the ‘Share on Facebook bookmarklet’. You can do more than a simple status update by using a Share button on the webpage or fan page and attach a link with the update. Instead of regular text status updates when you attach a link, it will no doubt pull the page title along with the meta description and let you select a photo too.

Link Sharing on FriendFeed: Just as the Facebook, you can use the “Share on FriendFeed bookmarklet” to insert more descriptive updates. This bookmarklet can be used on any page of yours and the pop up will fill in the title of the post automatically. You can even click on the images of the post and attach them to your update.

Inserting Link on GoogleBuzz: The best way to attach a link in Google Buzz is through your Gmail and you can include images with your update too. The Google Buzz updates that have images and other details tend to receive more comments from other networks.

Attaching a link on Linkedln: While updating your status on Linkedln, like the above ones you can also add images and additional infos to the link that you want to share. This will be displayed on the Network Activity of your Connections and also on your profile at the same time.

3 Responses to “Attractive Status Updates On Social Networks”

  • wow…thats great tips, always we know social networking is best way to make traffic..this kind of link updates is very attractive..Thank you for sharing

  • Social Media updates can attract a lot of traffic, if they are witty and intellectual.. 🙂

  • FinallyFast says:

    Link updates on Facebook and Google Buzz are definitely way more attractive, as you can add photos and links, but more importantly they are a more SEO friendly way to update a status if you’re linking to your own content. The fact that users can share your links with other users can create a viral wave of backlinks to your content and push your content WAY up in the search results.

    I would also mention that, while not as attractive as the link updates on Facebook or Buzz, using a short URL service like is a great way to link to your own content on Twitter!

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