Anchor Text:A Key Attribute for Search Engine Optimization

In one of my last post I described the importance of deeplinking in search engine optimization. Describing which I briefly described the importance of anchor texts there. Anchor text & deeplinking go hand in hand. In this post I will describe the anchor text in a more elaborated way.

What is an Anchor Text?

As stated in the previous article, an anchor text is the word or set of words that are used to hyperlink a particular url in order to create a deeplink or simply a link. This works as an introduction to the containing link.

Why is it Important for Search Engines?

All the major(and minor) search engines have a common aim of providing relevant searches based on the keywords that an user puts in for a search. To do this they compare those set of keywords with the keywords found related to your(or all other indexed urls). The more similar they are the higher the rank they get. Well the “similar” term used here strictly does not mean literally. This has some other parameters too. Those are like more dofollow backlinks, keyword density etc etc.

Lets go with an example……

Tech Zoom In – Zoom Into Blogging”

Here the set of words Tech Zoom In is an anchor text which contains the links to this blog’s homepage. Suppose a page with url contains this part of text in the content. So when a search bot crawls this page it gets an impression that the link contained in that clickable word is related to tech, technology, zoom in or as a whole tech zoom in. So how do u gain from this, let us see

  • To your readers the anchor text serves as an introduction to the page they are going to visit by clicking this link.
  • And the search bots gets you indexed for the keywords tech, technology, zoom in or as a whole tech zoom in. This will grow your authority and rank in the SERPs(Search Engine Resulting Pages) for these keywords.

On the contrary, if we use an anchor text somewhat like this

“For more blogging tips & info – Visit Us

It may serve well to your readers but it will not for those search bots that much.

Note: I used the text that much because there are some text(For more blogging tips & info) in the vicinity of the anchor text. The search bots nowadays also takes this into context for better indexing. Though this is not very well to rely upon.

So how to choose a perfect Anchor Text ……

We all know that keywords or keyword phrases are the most important criteria to get highly ranked in the SERPs.This anchor texts are also a good way to target keywords. Now let me explain with an example on how to select a proper anchor text.

Let us pretend that you have an old post named “Introduction to SEO Basics”. Now you are planning to create a new post named “On page SEO techniques”. In this new article, if you are trying to deeplink the older post mentioned earlier then what should be the proper anchor text for it ???

If you are practicing keyword targeting, then let us suppose you have targeted the older post with the keyword phrase “SEO Basics”. In that case the most appropriate anchor text for deeplinking the post “Introduction to SEO Basics” will be SEO Basics. This way you can increase your authority for the keyword phrase “SEO Basics”.

And if you are not practicing keyword targeting, then my first suggestion is to start practicing right now. Well for now the most appropriate anchor text in this case would be probably the meta title and if you can’t find what this is simply the post title(Introduction to SEO Basics) will do.

If you are planning to buy one way backlinks from other sites with high page rank then make sure to choose the proper anchor text.

Well on an ending note I must ask you all for donating some valuable thoughts to this post via the comment form.

Hope you found it useful. Happy Blogging!!

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