A Begineers Guide to Link Building and Dofollow links

Backlinks are necessary for your Blog for quite a number of reasons.It helps increase your Google page rank, allows better crawling of your pages,allows quicker indexing and above all helps in building long term traffic.Generating backlinks should be an ongoing effort and Its a never ending process. If you are starting off with your blog, follow this quick guide to win backlinks.

Creating backlinks is to create doorways to your blog.Don’t expect an  immediate rise in traffic because of backlinks. Targeting hot keywords or writing fresh content shows immediate rise in traffic. But the backlinks create more returning visitors for those posts when they get older & richer.So here are some quick measures to generate long lasting backlinks for your blog :

1. Start with sites that allow you to add links for free : You can find such sites by a simple Google search. Try some of the following searches on Google to find these sites.

  • intitle:add+url “keyword phrase” ,
  • intitle:submit+site “keyword phrase”
  • intitle:submit+url “keyword phrase”
  • intitle:add+site “keyword phrase”
  • intitle:add+your+site “keyword phrase”
  • intitle:directory “keyword phrase”
  • intitle:list “keyword phrase”
  • intitle:sites “keyword phrase”

This method is useful when you are just starting out. Helps in getting your site indexed and you can rank decently for long-tail keywords.

2. Add your site to Social Bookmarking Sites : Choose the ones that provide a do-follow link. Read this article that enlists some of the great Social bookmarking site which offers do-follow links. But do not spam. Also add others’ pages, that interests you to bookmarking sites.

3. Comment on relevant blogs : Most of the blog comments are no-followed. Target blogs that offer do-follow links in comments. Its hard to find them though. To mention an easy reference, comment on blogs that use Commentluv plugin or Top Commentator plugin.

4. Identify some influential bloggers who blog on similar topics as you do. Link to their posts from your blog and make sure you send atleast 20-30 referral visitors from your blog to their blog. Eventually 5-10 of the bloggers will notice your blog in their referral logs and may link you back or mention you on their blog.

5. Search for pages that are no longer available but are linked to from other blogs/ websites Then find who is linking to these pages and contact them pointing out the dead links and request them to link to your page which offers the same service.
For finding sites which no longer offer a service or have expired:

  • “service no longer available” [keyword]
  • “service no longer available” inurl:.co.in
  • “no longer available [keyphrase]”
  • “site no longer available”
  • “site no longer available” [keyphrase]
  • “site has been taken down”
  • “site has been taken down” [keyphrase]

For finding sites which no longer sell a specific product:

  • “no longer offer [keyword]”
  • “no longer sell [keyword]”
  • “stopped selling [keyword]”
  • “stopped offering [keyword]”

6. Use trackbacks : Whenever You are Finished writing an article look for more resources on the web. If you find anything useful in that page always link that article from your article and do not forget to generate a trackback. Once the trackback system gets into work the blogger to whom you are linking gets a notification. Chances are high that he may find something useful and link to your blog in the near future.

6. Contact the blogger who you think can link to you and ask him/her to provide a link to you. : Links are The currency of the web. So never ask anyone To link to your blog  without any reason. Ask only when You have something relevant and useful  and offer a link trade when both sides Will be beneficial.

7. Syndicate a press release. If You can afford it syndicate a press release and Submit your blog to PRWeb, PRLeap, etc. This technique though not helpful in the long run can cause immediate Buzz and give some link boost.

8.Write Guest articles : Find  blogs similar to Your niche and start writing guest articles for them. The guest article will contain a byline of your blog and it will surely increase your link popularity. Above all Guest articles helps in building a strong community and people get to know that your blog has something to provide.

So these are all the basics of link Building if you are Just starting out.  What measures do you follow to win backlinks for your site ? Share with us! Happy Blogging!!

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