8 Essential Blogging Pitfalls to Avoid..!

We all were absolute beginners when we started our First Blog. We make mistakes, realize them, learn from them and move on. This process continues and our blog grows with time. If you have just started your blog here are a few pitfalls that you should avoid:

Do not Blog about Things you Don’t know: You should only write about things you know and have some expertise on the subject. You should also have a knowledge level and a Willingness to learn about the topic you are writing. In blogging we call it “Niche”. If you don’t Love your Niche your Niche won’t Love you either and hence won’t bring in benefits. So only write on Things that you already know and have some prior experience with.
As for example there are hundreds ( If not thousands ) of “Make Money Online” Blogs on the Internet. But How many of them really make money?  If you are not making any money from your blogs then how could you teach people on making money from blogs. This Just doesn’t make any sense and is completely a fallacy.
So if you are starting your blogging career, start writing something that you already know.

Selected Your Niche ? Now Stick to it: After you have successfully decided what you will be writing about, its time you decide that what you should not be writing in your blog. Every piece you write and every word you put in your blog will speak for itself. So if you have started a blog on Football do not Post “Cooking Lessons” on it. Your audience will get irrelevant information and quit instantly.

Maintain a Standard posting frequency: The posting frequency depends upon the lifestyle of the blogger and how much time he can devote to his blog. While there is no hard and fast rule  for how often you should post but try coming up with an original piece every day (If possible). If Daily posts are not possible then make a schedule and decide how often you are going to update your blog and pour in new content. After you have decided your posting frequency the same principle applies again. Stick to it.

For example : you had a week off from your work and you decided that you should update your blog and put some good content. Then you started Updating several times a day and Posted 5 articles each day on your week. That’s very good but one question needs to be asked here : Would you be able to maintain the same rhythm in the coming weeks ?.If not then your readers will be disheartened. So to live up to your readers expectation develop a standard posting frequency.

Spend 90 % of the time Creating Useful Content: Beginners spend most of their time in technical issues like tweaking templates, adding widgets  experimenting layouts etc. While it is perfectly okay to experiment and see what works and what not but you should keep a balance. Nothing is more essential and important than to create useful content for your readers.

Designing your template and Optimizing your blog for the search engines is a never ending process and it should be an ongoing effort.So spend  most of your time creating content, researching and building an information rich blog.

Respond to comments: Whenever a Visitor leaves a comment in your blog they expect a feedback from your side. At an early stage of your blogging career you need to respond to each and every comment and build relationships with your readers. Responding to a comment also helps in building a strong community around your blog.
Do not forget to leave footprints in your reader’s blog. It shows an enormous amount of respect to your reader and tightens the knot. Blogging is interactive and the more you interact the more you grow.

The first One Year of Blogging may be Disheartening In terms of traffic and revenue. Don’t lose heart, they will come: Newbies start a Blog and hope that after a couple of months they will start getting loads of traffic. They wait a Couple of months but nothing seems to Improve. Frustrated and feeling low… they quit. This is the story of thousands of blogs on the Internet.
If you have just started your blog you won’t be getting much traffic. Perhaps a dozen or twenty per day. Don’t lose heart and build your content. Things will happen really slow in the beginning but once you achieve the quality bar you will see people sticking to your blog. (And the revenue flowing consequently ? )

Innovation is the Key, Do Not duplicate: The first challenge Bloggers face after starting a blog  is about writing the content. Unaware of how search engine works they start duplicating content and republishing them in their blog. After some weeks what they find? They have been penalized by Google and their site has been completely removed from the search engines.

So Instead of duplicating you should strive on producing original content. You can always reference and research information on the Internet but you should express the thoughts and ideas in your own words.

If the Only reason of starting a Blog is making Money then most probably you will Fail: Ask Yourself “ What if I am Unable to make money for 3 years from this blog “ . Will you quit blogging Just because you aren’t making money out of it ? Did you started your Blog Just for making money? I am sorry to say but if your “Only” reason to start a Blog is making money you will fail.

Do not start a Blog Just because You want to make money. Instead Visualize a vision in your Mind

The Wrong Vision: I want to make Money from Internet by using whatever measure possible. I will create as many blogs as possible, Spam forums and emails to drive traffic and use whatever means to make money out of it.

The correct vision: I want to develop a Blog on “Beauty tips”. Here I will be sharing my experiences on the subject and what I have learned along the way. When the Blog becomes popular and gets some decent traffic I hope to make some revenue out of it.

Hope you found it useful.What do you think is the correct vision for starting a blog? Please share with us! Happy Blogging!!

26 Responses to “8 Essential Blogging Pitfalls to Avoid..!”

  • […] 8 Essential Blogging Pitfalls to Avoid..!We all were absolute beginners when we started our First Blog. We make mistakes, realize them, learn from them and move on. This process continues and our blog grows with time. If you have just started your blog here are a few pitfalls that you should avoid: Do not Blog about Things you Don’t know : You should only write about things you know and have some expertise on the subject. You should also have a knowledge level and a Willingness to learn about the topic you are writin […]

  • Nihar says:

    YOur points are very true for all the bloggers.

  • I like that one “Innovation is the Key”. I am always following this Lax.

  • binaryday says:

    Love that point about spending 90% of time creating content. very true even for seasoned bloggers

  • Lyndi says:

    Great list. I particularly like the one on Spend 90 % of the time Creating Useful Content. This is one that I often tend to forget and I suspect many other bloggers do as well. Thanks for the reminder.

  • I wouldn’t have said anything differently. You ht everything bang on. I’ve known many people began blogging, and quit within months — for the exact reason you said. People expect to get rich from a blog in a couple months, which is almost impossible. Making money from blogging takes time.

    • Lax says:

      Yes exactly! It will take long time actually. Can’t expect anything specially with in first 6 months time.

      Thanks for sharing your opinion..!

  • That was the most essential list to be successful. Further, you might want to netwok with other bloggers and your reader community – socially and otherwise. And SEO, needless to say have to be done despite creating good content.

    There are a number of good bloggers out there that create good content and the ones that do better networking and SEO will have an edge.

    • Lax says:

      Yes, that very true Ajith. Commenting and making friends shows your attitude and community building..

      Thanks for your thoughts Ajith..

  • I seem to agree with Ajith on SEO and social networks. I can say that I lack in the department of social networks and hope to address this soon.

    You could have the best content in the world, no readers or visitors mean it will never be seen.

    Otherwise, your list above is great.

  • khalid says:

    I am on blogging for last 5 months and around 260 blog posts but still only 29 plus visitors are there on my blog.
    I am on twitter, I am on facebook, blogcatalog, and some more but no result.
    Could you please suggest me on my blog.

  • Very good tips Lax. People often do everything else other than generating quality content for their Blog.

  • Khalid,

    I’m surprised you only get that many visitors. With that much content, in that amount of time, you should have a lot more visitors. You should check to see if your site is properly indexed.

  • Yeah, definitely — I would be pissed as $#@% if I only had that many pages indexed after that long!

  • Kurt Avish says:

    Out of subject: Man dunno if its only for me but your blog seem to not be loading well here at my place. I have taken a screenshot and can send you if you wish.

    • Lax says:

      Yes sure dude..i love to see that from you.. I recently deactivated wp cache as its getting some syntax error. probably that the reason you’re experiencing problem. Pls send me that screen shot at Lax@techzoomin.com

  • I think we will make the percentage of the article making to 60% and 30% Marketing and Promotion and 10% other blogging activities…

    I agree that content is a king but who will try your blog if you don’t market it especially if your blog is new or young?

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