6 Free WordPress Themes You Could Pay For

Installing free WordPress themes is a webhosting option you will have, even if you don’t host your site with WordPress.org or another best WordPress host. This is why it is always useful to know a couple of free WordPress themes you can rely on.

When you look at the title of the article, you might be wondering why we are listing FREE WordPress themes you could PAY for. If you are an Internet marketer, maybe your first idea is that such free WordPress themes are a scam but no, this isn’t so. We you don’t read these WordPress themes are free but if you want to use them, you have to pay for them. Even if such themes existed, we would never ever endorse them!

Rather, when we list free WordPress themes you could pay for, we mean that even though the theme is free, you could either pay for minor adjustments to make the free WordPress theme just the way you like it, or donate a small fee to the author of the theme, which is only fair, though nobody will ask you explicitly to do it. Developing a WordPress theme takes time and even though the authors might not ask for money, if you can donate even $1-2, you are doing good.

Anyway, after this necessary clarification, let’s move forward to the list of free WordPress themes you could pay for.

1. Intrepidity WordPress Theme

Intrepidity WordPress theme is one of the most popular themes of all times in terms of downloads from WordPress.org. It is a stylish, yet simple theme and its main advantages are that it is highly SEO optimized and the design is fully customizable. Additionally, it works in all popular browsers, such as Firefox, IE6/7/8, Google Chrome, and Safari, so if you need a popular theme with many features, Intrepidity is a great choice.

2. Kubrick WordPress Theme

Kubrick is the default WordPress theme and you don’t have to download it from WordPress.org because it is included with the WordPress installation. It is a simple theme but very robust one. Kubrick is used as the basis for many other themes and it is also one of the most popular WordPress themes of all times. In a sense, Kubrick is WordPress classics.

Kubrick is a simplistic theme but it has some variations with more functionality. Additionally, many developers are familiar with the intricacies of Kubrick. Therefore, if you want to use Kubrick as a basis, it will be much easier to make modifications on it than on a less popular theme.

3. WP-Creativix WordPress Theme

You might be interested in WP-Creativix WordPress if you need to develop a business or a portfolio site. WP-Creativix is stylish and minimalistic but cross browser compatibility could be an issue. Still, it is worth trying!

4. Arjuna X WordPress Theme

Arjuna X is another WordPress theme you should consider, if elegance and accessibility are your topmost concerns. Arjuna is perfect to the last detail and it runs in any browser you can imagine. Threaded comments and four widget bars are just some of the extras that make Arjuna even more special.

5. Suffusion WordPress Theme

Suffusion is another popular WordPress theme and its main advantage is that it has tons of functionalities. Suffusion has 8 widget areas and it comes in one-column, two-column and three-column fixed-width formats. Additionally, it has 10 pre-defined templates, 16 pre-defined color schemes, a customizable tabbed sidebar, and many other extras you won’t find in any other free or paid WordPress theme.

6. Sensible Blogging WordPress Theme

Sensible Blogging isn’t on the list of most downloaded WordPress themes but it has some unique features, which might be exactly what you are looking for. Sensible Blogging is a 4-column theme. In addition to the content column and the right sidebar, Sensible Blogging has two side columns you can use for AdSense or if you modify them a bit – for everything else you need. 4 column WordPress themes are relatively rare to find but for many sites they are exactly what you need.

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