5 ways to use facebook for your Business

Facebook  which is one of the most popular social sites on internet is being used by the professionals and businesses to make their business grow . Business people usually make use of this platform for their  business in promoting their products as well as improving the brand image of their organization globally . By which it helps in maintain a good relationship with the existing customers and also helps in forming new customers.

Here are  the 5 ways to grow your business through Facebook:

Promote your business on Face book

Simplest method by which you can use face book for your business is by promoting your business on their website. You can purchase some of the ad places that are available for you at their different pages by this you can promote your product or service .

Set up a fan Page for your business

You can create a fan page on the Face book to create your brand. This helps you in gaining credibility for your business. More and more people who are interested in you and your business will find you and join with you through your fan page. If you own a business you can set up a page for it. The page will function similarly as your home page, except that instead of becoming friends with it and also people become fan for your page if they find your product interesting and becomes a fan for knowing the regular updates of  your product.

Find employees for your business

If you are looking for someone to hire for your business, you can put out a status message saying that you have a position open by this you can find potential and expertise employees who helps you in growing your business. Alternatively you can also watch for status updates from your friends and contacts on face book about people looking for work.

Easy way to Converse for your Business

You can get better clients for your business that helps you to grow your business effectively. Here you can also meet some of your potential customers that want to converse with you to get better knowledge about your services. Face book provide you a better medium to converse with your business clients and customers.

Promote your website by using Face book Applications

You can now promote your website and business blogs by using Face book applications. One of the best one is Networked blog. Here you can add your business blog and let your fans know about the latest updates.

Other than these methods you can efficiently post a status messages related to your business and keep your friends know about it and also commenting on your friends pages which helps in building a relationship and also making new friends helps in building a potential network.

You need to always maintain a healthy and friendly relationship with the people on this website for promoting your business  because if people find you that you are making friendship for promoting your business there is a chance of losing your credibility and also losing the brand image of your company and also facebook can delete your account.

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6 Responses to “5 ways to use facebook for your Business”

  • Facebook sure attracted a lot of heat since it’s advent in the web world.. Whereas, God knows what’s Google cooking for so long.. 😛

  • Facebook is not just for keeping tabs on friends and filling out quizzes, it can also be used as a highly effective business tool by marketing of products, landing gigs and connecting with the customers.

  • FinallyFast says:

    One of the best ways to push your website up in the search engine results pages (SERPs) is to have the content on your website or your blog shared by multiple users across Facebook.

    If you have a particularly interesting blog post or page on your site be sure to share that post or page on your wall and with your Facebook friends. It also might help if you share the link with your personal friends on your personal Facebook page. When regular users share corporate user’s links it helps push that content up in the SERPs.

  • hello SriRam very good article about promoting your business using facebook you covered lots of point but you missed one and that point is by using facebook you can also able to create fans and influencer for your business.

  • very informative and good that Facebook can be used for business also apart from just social networking. Good tips, have to admit.

  • Gary Corbett says:

    Some companies are not advertising on TV with a simple link to their facebook page instead of creating their own – I think that’s a real measure of how useful Facebook has become for businesses.

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