5 Simple Ways to Get Huge Traffic

Getting traffic to the website is a very important part for the business in order make people know about your product or service so that they can make use of your product or refer others who are in need of it by this you can improve your profits, brand image and also you can find your targeted customers.

There are many ways to get traffic to your website like you can make use of ptc sites where you should pay certain amount to those sites in order to reach your targeted customers who are interested about your product or service and also there is another way of generating traffic which is free of cost like participating in social networking sites , writing reviews, articles etc . Here are five best ways to get traffic to your website for free of cost:

Post Videos on your Blog

Most of the people like to watch videos rather than reading the matter while they are online. Video marketing is developing day by day and it is not all about You Tube but there are many more sites where you can upload your videos and also as it is not at all hard to upload the videos on Google, MySpace, Yahoo, MSN and AOL  by which most of the people can make use of your video regarding the product or service and can also refer others easily.

Optimize Your Blog

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best way of getting more and more traffic for your website. If you are opting for this method you should keep in mind that keywords, contents and links play important role for your website to found easily by the search engines when people search for the products on the search engines. The choice of keywords should be perfect and you need to load more and more relevant content frequently which  makes search engines see your site as an active one. You need to increase the back links which have high page ranks this will help in improving your page rank of your website.

Submit Articles and Press Releases

Another way of generating more  traffic to your site can be by submitting articles in article directories  and updating  press releases about your product or service on the social networking sites etc. You can get high quality links from the article directories. Usage of relevant and accurate keywords in your content and submitting in the article directories helps in improving the page rank in the search engines.  By submitting the articles in article directories like Ezine it will ultimately generate massive traffic to your website for free of cost.

Write reviews and submit in social networking sites

Another way can be writing a review or a short description about a product or service  that you wish to promote this should be  submitted in the social  networking sites like Facebook, Myspace, twitter etc by providing a link to your website and if the people find your review interesting they may visit your website and by this you can easily generate the traffic.

Join Forums and Converse

You can even join a group or a forum of your industry and actively participate regularly by conversing with the people and if you are expertise in your field try to provide the latest updates and also ask people to feel free  to post any query if they need help of you by this you can improve the traffic to your site by providing the link where they need to comment or post a query. By this you can improve the traffic to your website .

You should always keep in mind , you can generate the free traffic to your website only when you regularly update your postings on your website and also actively participating in other activities which will help in generating traffic to your website.

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7 Responses to “5 Simple Ways to Get Huge Traffic”

  • Rakesh Kumar says:

    Great suggestions. Here i would like to know one thing is that in SEO algorithm is keyword (meta keywords) does importance?

  • Marygold says:

    Great 5 techniques to make popular our blog, I prefer videos strategy which almost liked very much net surfers. Thanks for fruitful post.

  • Ascentive says:

    Awesome post, especially concerning the inclusion of video in your inbound marketing strategy. I feel like too many people miss out on YouTube and DailyMotion for drawing web traffic!

    Just a little heads up for other readers, I actually heard over at Practical SEO blog that Matt Cutts mentioned the new Panda algorithm update strips all link juice from links on press releases and press release sites (not article sites mind you). You can still use press releases to gain publicity, but don’t think they’ll help you with backlinks or SEO…

  • Deals India says:

    Very basic methods but really pays off for the ones who have the patience. There is no shortcut to it, Spammers would not benefit for a longer time.

  • John says:

    Good suggestions but easier said than done! When it comes to SEO it take ages without guarantees and if you do not know much about SEO it is hard to do it right.

  • Aritra Roy says:

    Awesome post…will definitely mind these while posting.

  • Anna says:

    Nice tips for getting a traffic. Increase presence of your blog or website with your targeted keywords then it will help you to get targeted visitors & traffic.

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