4 Great Plugins To Help You Earn More From Your Blog

Making money online has become a hot topic nowadays with so many tips on blogging. The entire process of setting up a blog and then taking it to the point of profitability is not at all an easy task. You might have come across loads of plugins and simply confused by all. Here are some of the great plugins that will help you earn more from your blog.

Ad Squares Widget: This is a great plugin that will definitely help you earn more. This free plugin allows you to place a neat advertisement of 125 x 125px on your blog without much hassle. This is extremely useful as there are only a few wordpress themes that allow you to customize ad areas.

OIO Publisher: This is a cool wordpress plugin that helps you to have full control on your blog’s advertising and also allow you to automate many of those tedious task that takes away your valuable time. Now that you will never have any problem with the ad creation and setup or even the payment process any more. The automated functions save much of your time too and help you earn more from your blog.

WP E-Commerce: This is yet another great wordpress plugin that guides you how to earn more from your blog. With this plugin installed, you can integrate the e-commerce functionalities into your blog without much time and hardly any coding. So, if your blog is related to online selling, WP E-Commerce is the one you need to earn more.

Magic Members: If you have some expensive content that you would like to reveal it for the paid members only, all you need is the Magic Members plugin in your blog. This great plugin helps you to create areas dedicated to premium members only in your blog and help you manage the way you want.

2 Responses to “4 Great Plugins To Help You Earn More From Your Blog”

  • Steve says:

    I love the simplicity and functionality of WP E-commerce (Gold Cart) and Magic Members. I use these two plugins on almost every client I have. E-commerce and Membership functionality add extra value to the site and also to the pocket 🙂

  • Ashish says:

    These plugins work well. But users these days, just want to install a plugin and gain money from it straight away. Some even are so lazy to even signup for ad programs and several other money making plans.

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