10 Reasons: Why you Should Use WordPress?

I Guess, I don’t need to tell you the reasons, as most of you guys are already on WordPress or planning to be. But a BlogSpot user or others may be interested in knowing the advantages of WordPress. Here I found some great reasons telling why you should opt WordPress for your blog. Here is the countdown…

10 – The multi-user environment on WordPress allows more than one person to log in and make changes to your blog.

9 – WordPress also has an abundance of time management features

8 – WordPress is multi-lingual, so you can reach readers in other countries or readers in your own country who don’t speak the   language.

7 – WordPress is SEO friendly, which helps if you are trying to get your blog ranked in search engines.

6 – WordPress has an excellent support system for its users

5 – It is easy to make money when using WordPress

4 – WordPress is easily integrated into your existing website

3 – Finding new themes for WordPress is simple

2 – WordPress is compatible with most hosting environments

1 – The platform is easy to use.

I just shared the headings of the concept, if you’re interested in knowing more about them. Just visit Webfew for that.

22 Responses to “10 Reasons: Why you Should Use WordPress?”

  • Simran says:

    Everyone has his own reasons to chose wordpress… We can say WordPress rocks 🙂 Its the best blogging platform

  • Lifespy says:

    Everybody is moving towards WP from Blogger. It’s the best and evergreen platform all the time.

  • Lax says:

    @ Simran,

    Thats true that every one has their own and many reasons to use it 🙂 Thanks for your comment dude…

    @ Lifespy,

    I’m seeing lots of people daily moving from Blogger to WP. WP going crazy lol..

  • @Lax,

    Well I am disappointed with this post. WordPress is Open Source dude. You should have mentioned it as a first point.

  • All so very true! The best part about wordpress is that it gives new bloggers a chance as well!

  • Agent 001 says:

    My reason for choosing WP – I can do more with my blog using WP.

    I know that was stupid. But I choose WP because I wanted to do more than blogging.

  • Lax says:

    @ Inkapoint,

    Dude, you’re right. But it’s not me who wrote this post 🙂 I’m just sharing it…

    @ Curious,

    Chance as well means??

    @ Agent,

    What you can do more than blogging? Just curious to know 🙂

  • Hi there,

    I would of mentioned something about the plugins you can find, there are so many possibilities when using them. You can use WP for personal or business reasons.

    I agree with ‘Tech @ InkAPoint’ about it being Open Source, that is probably the most important thing to me. It did not cost $1 to download and use.

  • I was referring to people who are not aware about technology…

    When I heard of “blogging” and thought of starting one, the first thing that concerned me was how will I create my blog and maintain one when I don’t know so much about technology..

    An opportunity is created for all wanna be bloggers , thanks to wordpress

  • webfew says:

    @ Inkapoint,

    Thanks for pointing out my obvious oversight…updated the post, and gave you a link for the important reminder why WordPress is the best.

  • Lax says:

    @ George,

    That’s great and valid point really. Having lots of free plugins made WP so popular. Thanks for sharing that dude…

    @ Curious,

    Don’t need to any technology for using wordpress. Because for every requirement, a plugin is there.

    @ Webfew,

    Great article you wrote on your blog man. That interested me to share it here..Looks to be your first post there right?

    Thanks for updating Inkapoint’s point that WP is open source first of all.

  • Nifty tips says:

    You should not forget the point that-Free plugin made wordpress so popular.

    It would be great if you add that too.

  • Cann’t express its in words, i like wordress so much like firefox.

    FF and WordPress my favorites

  • Lax says:

    @ Nifty,

    That’s very true dude. Plugins made WP more easy and useful…without plugin we can’t imagine the usage of WP.

    @ Indian Television,

    hmm FF & WP are the most loving product in blogging world.

  • Ruchi says:

    Ease of Use makes it a number one choice.

  • Rahul says:

    well wordpress has postives..

    if so, than why two Blogspot is dominating on make money online. keyword which is extermely tought and competitive??

  • Moving from blogspot to wordpress is one of the best thing which I did..
    Its been 6 months now and i feel like I really own my blog else earlier, I was scared of Google, Don;t know when they can delete my blogspot blog.

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  • Miko Caldona says:

    All the reasons that were stated are reliable reasons why you really should utilize wordpress. Though, many still do not rely on it.

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  • FusionHost says:

    I absolutely adore wordpress, I swear by it! It really is the best and most versatile CMS out there, yet it’s so darn simple to use. I don’t think anything will ever top it!

  • ankit says:

    hey this is the best part of knowledge forWordpress
    blogger and wordpress are great sites ……

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